Data Science & Advanced Analytics


Datamatics’ Data Science & Advanced Analytics solutions help organizations address the challenges and identify hidden opportunities in a chaotic business environment. The solutions provide businesses a competitive through a systematic and scientific knowledge discovery.

Datamatic's Advantage

  • Expertise in integrating Advanced Analytics platform with organizational ERP systems to provide role-based, visual dashboard solutions that are accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Experience in building intelligent systems by combining Advanced Analytics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Experience in delivering scalable analytics solutions for different domains.


What we Do?

  • Customer Insights Analytics: Offer a suite of analytic solutions based on different models to understand customer life-stages, requirements, product experience, and future-viability of customer
  • Marketing Analytics: Provide solutions for bringing out insights on major marketing performance drivers such as product affinity, price sensitivity and effectiveness, product demand and promotion, sales channels and logistics, and ROI on marketing spends.
  • Sales Analytics: Bring together data related to sales, revenue, customer, forecast, and pipe-line in a single trusted-view. Such a view helps plan and forecast sales, predict revenue, size sales force for competitive advantage, tweak sales processes to improve customer experience and reduce logistics costs.
  • Supply Chain Analytics: Offer analytic solutions on top of supply chain ERPs to scale operations and optimize resources across the value chain – from sourcing, manufacturing, distribution to logistics. Enable systematic planning across the product lifecycle, assortment, store level execution, logistics, procurement, and network to enhance the supply chain efficiency.
  • Risk Analytics: Provide tailor-made solutions for risk management, financial distress mitigation, and risk-adjusted returns with respect to market price, credit scoring, operations, and strategy formulations.
  • Human Resource Analytics: Provide effective solutions to source and retain talent in an organization through analytics-led recruitment, create steep learning curves for right candidates, control attrition, forecast workforce demand and optimize incentives.