Smart Business Accelerator For Trade Finance



The dynamics of global trade are changing every day. Banks are increasingly focusing on scaling-up their trade finance operations and improving their presence in the financial supply chain. Standalone manual systems hinder seamless operations and also pose risks related to compliance and control. In addition, in an extensively paper-driven environment, strict banking regulations mandate continuous manual monitoring and intervention at different stages.

Datamatics’ Trade Finance Solution is a business accelerator, which can be hosted on-cloud as well as on-premises. It automates the entire trade lifecycle and seamlessly integrates with the client’s core trade finance and banking systems.

The solution caters to all kinds of transactions in the Trade Finance domain, namely - Letter of credit (Import & Export), Guarantees (Inward & Outward), Loans, Collections (Import & Export), Shipping guarantee & Reimbursement.

Datamatics' Trade Finance solution is powered by IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA) and engages cutting edge technologies, such as Intelligent Data Capture (IDP), Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Automated Decision Management Workflow. The solution thereby provides a fully automated, paperless, and electronically driven workflow environment.



Trade Finance Solution Overview


Reduction in processing time

Increase in data entry speed

Reduction in missing documents

Reduction in to-and-fro interactions between branch and head office

Accuracy with no manual intervention

Quality Improvement

Reduction in rejections with dedupe checks

Compliance through solution audits

Straight Through Processing (STP)

Anytime Access

On-cloud or on-premise deployment as per business requirement


Smart Inbox for finance process automation

Smart Inbox

Smart load-balancing, priority-based task sorting and quick-view of potential defaulters

AI / ML enabled task sorting based on priority, amount, and type of transaction

Quick view of transactions that are about to breach policy

Cognitive Controls for trade finance process automation

Cognitive Controls

AI / ML enabled
real-time transaction screening

Real-time screening, secure processing, and anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring

Integration with systems such as FIRCO, SafeWatch, etc.

Automated Diagnostics - Trade Finance Automation

Automated Diagnostics

Global and branch level performance tracking for identifying bottlenecks

Seamless Collaboration in the trade lifecycle

Seamless Collaboration

Electronic status updates to customers, partners, banks, agencies and internal departments

Headless system integrations

Cognitive Capture - Trade Finance Solutions

Cognitive Capture

AI/ML enabled document classification and data capture

Document Scrutiny - Trade Finance Solutions

Document Consistency Checker

Robust automated document scrutiny and decision management with in-built international trade finance rules, such as UCP600, ISBP745, and document consistency checks

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Pre-built Adapters - Trade Finance Solutions

Pre-built Adapters

Seamless integration with core banking / trade systems, AML applications, treasury systems, corporate trade portals, etc., ensuring faster roll-out

Automated Tracking - Trade Finance Solutions

Automated Tracking

Vessels, shipment, and airway bills using RPA integrations that eliminate repeated logging into multiple third party systems, both legacy and contemporary, for data retrieval


Smart UI for trade finance process automation

Smart UI

  • Smart inbox with auto indicators
  • Promotes VIP tasks
  • Notifies SLA breach
  • Detects inactivity
Automated Decisions - Trade Finance Automation

Automated Decisions

  • Auto Compliance
  • Auto Field Validations
  • Auto Document Classification
Multiple Transaction Initiation Modes

Multiple Transaction Initiation Modes

  • Form based
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • External Triggers
Workflows for trade finance process automation

Workflows In All Major Trade Products

  • Letter of Credit
  • Collections
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Guarantees
  • Loans
Trade Finance Solution for Banking System Integration

Banking System Integration

  • Core trade finance solution
  • Core banking solution
  • OFAC
  • Hunter
  • World Check
  • SafeWatch
  • Bank’s black list
Branch & Back Office in the banking system

Covers All Roles At Branch & Back Office

  • Branch office (Maker/ Checker)
  • Scan operator
  • Approvers (Maker/ Checker)
  • Document Examiner (Maker/ Checker)
  • Record Keeper (Archive physical documents)
  • Dispatcher

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