Streamline and automate your organization’s CFO back-office operations

Finance and Accounting Solutions Services

An increasingly disruptive marketplace has led to a significant change in the CFO’s role. Organizations around the world are relying on their finance and accounting function to manage larger transactional volumes with leaner teams, optimize cash flows while lowering revenue leakages, reduce reconciliation time while increasing accuracy of reporting as well as deliver better business insights from existing data across different stakeholders. For CFOs to successfully manage the growing importance and complexity of their jobs, the solution is automation and digitalization.

Datamatics’ finance and accounting outsourcing services (FAO) streamline and automate your organisation’s CFO back-office operations, allowing CFOs to respond with greater agility to changes in the business environment. Datamatics finance and accounting outsourcing solutions make operations such as accounts payables and receivables management, account consolidation and reporting, tax processing, and contracts management more compliant and efficient. These automation solutions for F&A services allow you to generate a healthy cash flow, have better financial control through insights and forecasts, as well as adopt a highly systematic approach to maintain accurate documents for financial auditing.



$ 12 Billion

Worth of invoices processed per year through successful implementation and delivery of enterprise wide BPM automation and digitalization efforts at scale

12 Million

Invoices processed per year with 99.99% accuracy by using point solutions as well as end-to-end automation models spanning larger geographies


Accuracy achieved in processing of invoices with point automation as well as end-to-end automation solutions towards building a quality compliant business ecosystem

1200 +

Digital finance service experts both in house and on consultant basis to deliver precision solutions in a timely manner


Cost reduction for Finance & Accounting (F&A) customers thus ensuring a secondary source of revenue generation in parallel with that from the business as usual activity


Procure To Pay Finance and Accounting Services

Procure To Pay (P2P)

Automate procure to pay cycle to get better visibility & control over spend management and get insights into spend patterns and financial commitments

Reduce inventory carrying costs, proliferate JIT to reduce inventory, eliminate tail spend, and facilitate centralized procurement and supplier management with P2P automation

Manage contracts, purchase orders, invoice and receipt reconciliations in a highly efficient manner

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Order To Cash Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Solutions

Order To Cash (O2C)

Make your business efficient and competitive with faster order to cash process

Ensure high levels of accuracy in the synchronous order fulfillment to ensure customer satisfaction

Receive and process customer orders in an automated ecosystem to ensure better cash flow and financial performance with O2C automation

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Record To Report Finance and Accounting Services

Record To Report (R2R)

Ensure better financial control and decision making by providing timely, accurate and relevant financial information to the decision makers

Reduce transaction time, minimize processing costs, improve quality of operations

Generate and maintain accurate documents for financial auditing through a highly systematic approach

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Financial Planning & Analysis - F & A Solutions

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Strategize your company's long term financial plans

Get real-time and accurate insights for improved financial control

Create accurate forecasts about the company's P&L to support the budgeting efforts

Identify merger and acquisition (M&A) targets

Keep a tab on key performance indicators (KPIs) and operating performance of the organization

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US & Canada Tax Processing - F&A Services

US & Canada Tax Processing

Enhance tax filing efficiency, manage larger volumes of business, and improve quality of audits for tax firms, small and medium businesses, and large multi-nationals

Engage experts in US & Canada Tax laws and bye-laws as well as automation strategies to mitigate risks

Improve turnaround time and reduce error in tax filing and management of multiple group accounts across different tax rates and jurisdictions through automation

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