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In an ever-changing business scenario that demands doing more with less, managing processes for improving enterprise outcomes and agility are business imperatives. As enterprise collaboration transcends geographies, engaging people, information, systems, assets, and connectivity together to deliver value at the right time and right place is the way forward. Business Process Management is the right approach to achieve this desired end result.

Datamatics Business Process Management - BPM Services helps companies drive cultural change through digitalization and automation. Our BPM solutions provide tangible benefits in terms of higher process efficiency, increased compliance, high visibility, complete transparency, shorter time-to-market, and customer delight. Datamatics BPM paradigm enables businesses to deliver optimal efficiency and productivity at all times. The digitalization aspect involved in Datamatics BPM paradigm ensures end-to-end automation enabling business sustenance in maritime as well as not so normal scenarios such as pandemics and lockdowns. These BPM solutions can be installed on-premise as well as on-cloud as per business preference and deployed to work in a safe and secure environment while ensuring all statutory compliances.



$12 Billion

Worth invoices processed per year through successful implementation and delivery of company wide BPM automation and digitalization efforts at scale

12 Million

Invoices processed per year with 99.9% accuracy by using point solutions as well as end-to-end automation models spanning larger geographies

1200 +

Finance & Accounting Experts both in house as well as on consultant basis to deliver precision solutions in a timely manner


Cost reduction for F&A customers thus ensuring a secondary source of revenue generation in parallel with that from the business as usual activity


Finance & Accounting BPM Solutions

Finance & Accounting

Streamline and automate your company's CFO back-office operations with finance & accounting solutions to improve throughput

Ensure high visibility, transparency, and agility in your finance & accounting operations

Make higher efficiency and compliance an integral part of your finance & accounting operations

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Banking Process Management - BPM Services

Banking Process Management

Streamline and manage back-office operations for corporate banking, direct banking, global trade services, retail assets & liabilities

Minimize risk and ensure statutory compliance for banking and financial services related activities

Improve customer engagement with shorter turnaround times and generate revenue with safe and secure banking operations

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BPM Solutions - Insurance Process Management

Insurance Process Management

Launch better insurance products faster, improve underwriting quality, speed up claims processes and reduce regulatory risks at lower costs

Eliminate fraud, improve the count of first time rights, and reduce false positives and false negatives in the insurance claim management

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Healthcare Process Management

Healthcare Process Management

Improve speed of services and treatment by increasing efficiency of back-end and front-end processes

Auto-discover patterns and trends across different demographics to improve underwriting processes

Automate case management and contract management with process automation and lower processing cost per claim

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Research & Analytics - BPM Services

Credit Rating Analysis

Automate information sourcing and 24x7 surveillance of assesses

Build rating portals for rating analysts

Conduct AI/ML-enabled analysis for financial statements, structured finance products, corporate hierarchies, and ESG assessments

Avail detailed technology solution consulting for end-to-end automation, DevOps, and microservices-based legacy modernization

Develop web applications and application add-ins

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Research & Analytics - BPM Services

Research & Analytics

Quickly capture, process, analyze, and report findings from large volumes of online and offline survey forms

Discover nuances of the ever-evolving consumer behavior

Unify high volumes of consumer data in unstructured format and gain a 360-degree view of consumer base sentiment

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Customer Support & Services

Customer Support

Build stronger customer relationships by providing a technology-driven, omni-channel customer service platform

Manage different aspects of after sales support using computer assisted telephone interviewing

Engage customers in their preferred language with native language speakers and dedicated account managers

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Customer Acquisition with our Business Process Management Services

CX Consulting

Our consulting team defines and designs interventions to measure customer engagement across different milestones of the customer journey to provide best-in-class transformative customer experience

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BPM Tools - Intelligent Process Manager

iPM - Intelligent Process Manager

Use highly customizable web-based workflow system designed for accounts payable and receivable processes

Expedite approval process, access real-time information through role based authentication, and maintain a detailed audit trail

Increase process transparency through improved real-time reporting

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"Targeting productivity & improvement through process automation"

CFO in the Manufacturing Industry
Company Size: 500 Mn - 1 Bn USD

“Great customer Experience”

Head Collection Strategy Analytics & QA in the Finance Industry
Company size: 500 Mn - 1 Bn USD

“Good to go with Datamatics”

Senior Executive in the Construction Industry
Company size: 1 Bn - 3 Bn USD

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