Trade Finance Automation Case Study
Case Study

A Leading Structured Finance Company Reduces TAT by 83% with Automation of Data Collection Process


The client is a leading provider of data, insights, and technology solutions to the structured finance, commercial real estate, and banking markets.


Structured Finance



A major part of generating trustee reports was carried out manually due to the varied formats of reports across multiple trustees. This resulted in a higher turnaround time sometimes causing errors in reports.

Fields and columns for certain sections weren’t fixed in the initial phases which had to be fixed manually.

The client had set up a data collection workflow to automatically collate and collect the data, however, the workflow had issues while showing accuracy checks.


Datamatics studied the client data and finalized the data set in multiple discussions and agreements with the client.

Datamatics implemented its Robotic Process Automation solution TruBot with AI/ML models to automate the entire process of data collection thereby reducing the turnaround time.

TruBot enabled the client to improvise the time and effort required to source reports from trustee websites. In addition, all associated reports/notices were sourced within 4 hours of publication.

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84% Reduction

In manual intervention


Data accuracy

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