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Datamatics Big Data & Analytics services help build intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses. Datamatics offers data management, business intelligence, data visualization, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions with ‘Intelligence-First’ principle at the core and advocates true ‘Data Democracy’.

Datamatics Big Data and Analytics services enable companies to work with high volume multi-structured data including, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured by using Big Data and Analytics solutions.

With domain expertise in Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Finance & Accounting, and Research & Analytics across industries, the company enables businesses to store, manage, and monetize data with actionable insights. With strategic partnerships with vendors in the cloud and data storage, and data management space, Datamatics offers solutions across the data lifecycle.

Datamatics Big Data and Analytics services enable businesses augment large and diverse data sets to discover specific patterns, correlate data points, and uncover hidden insights. With the most prevalent use in consumer behaviour analytics, predictive analytics, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning enabled forensic data research, Datamatics enables businesses to scale the next level.



Big Data Analytics Solutions using Research & Analytics

Research & Analytics

Demystify Consumer Behaviour with Insight Mining using a uniquely blended competence in Marketing Research and Technology

Unify high volume multi-structured data towards a 360 degree holistic view of consumer behavior

Conduct predictive and prescriptive analysis with statistical data modelling and big data analytics services

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Big Data Analytics Solutions using Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

Facilitate easy storage, linkage, traceability, and retrieval of data across the data lifecycle

Establish data governance model for storage, management, access, and data analytics within a safe and secure environment

Ensure cost-efficient data consumption along with high levels of data searchability and traceability

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Big Data & Data Lakes

Big Data & Data Lakes

Enable enterprises to gain access to real-time business insights by re-configuring their big data sources. and their data storage

Institutionalize on-cloud or on-premise data models as per business requirement

Integrate big data platforms with proprietary as well as contemporary COTS data visualization tools

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Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization - TruBI

Engage with the next-generation visual analytics solution at your finger tips

Use self-service analytics techniques for 360 degree analytical view of data

Engage with an intuitive interactive data visualization

Use interoperable data visualization solution to create on-demand and customized dashboards

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Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

Gain competitive edge with solutions across data analytics lifecycle from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive to prescriptive

Perform faster data validations with data analytics solutions

Perform enhanced time series analysis

Generate highly customizable dashboards

Perform deep analytics using complex, distributed architectures and advanced data modelling techniques

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Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences - TruAI

Use a comprehensive AI platform that helps enterprises leverage use cases related to pattern detection, text & data mining

Use AI and ML algorithms for information analytics and high precision data mining

Generate traceable patterns with better accuracy and relevancy by using natural language processing, advanced data analytics, advanced text analytics, stream analytics, etc.

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