Datamatics helps a large Middle East bank to migrate 400,000 accounts with Enterprise Data Management
Case Study

Datamatics helps a large Middle East bank to migrate 400,000 accounts with Enterprise Data Management


The client is one of the largest bank in Middle East in Islamic banking and finance and is today one of the world’s fastest-growing economic sectors


Banking & Financial Services


The client had acquired another bank which totalled their combined assets to over AED 300 billion and made the bank among the largest banks in the UAE. The bank wanted to integrate the IT systems and infrastructure and needed a robust governance framework focused on minimal customer as well as market impact.

The bank had historical data of the last 5 years and over 4 lakh customer bank accounts in total. The data size amounted to more than 100 terabytes which the bank wanted to seamlessly integrate into the new system.

The bank wanted to integrate the various business units of the bank and the acquired bank and their underlying IT Systems & Infrastructure.


Datamatics identified the key aspects that needed to be considered during development of the cutover framework, which helped in mitigating risks for the bank’s operations and all other work streams to ensure that their objectives were not compromised by typical program timeline and scope management challenges.

Datamatics implemented IBM DataStage for migrating data of both the banks into a single system after defining multiple business rules for different kinds of data and ensured that the source data matched with the destination data.

Datamatics also defined the data on the basis of priorities, migrating high priority data and medium priority data before the go-live date and migrating the remaining data post going live with the new system.


4 Lakhs Accounts migrated with App and Data Warehouse

4 Lakh Accounts

Migrated successfully along with App and Data Warehouse data.

Maintained Accuracy

Maintained Accuracy

And quality while completing the integration before the set deadline.

150+ Control Reports

150+ Control Reports

Developed that displayed source output, target output and difference between them.

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