Agile insurance carriers are using digital technologies to transform the customer experience across three major touch points -- Buying, Policy Servicing and Claims Processing. Even entrenched players, traditionally slow to adopt technology, are moving away from their legacy systems and investing in emerging technologies to stay competitive.

Datamatics helps insurers leverage the power of Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a frictionless user experience – be it through multi-channel self-service portals or seamless claims processes – as well as improve operational efficiency.

Insurance companies can use Datamatics’ proprietary frameworks and solutions to launch better insurance products faster, improve underwriting quality, speed up claims processes, reduce regulatory risk and curtail fraud, increase agent loyalty or lower costs.

Our advanced OCR technologies help insurers capture and process data faster to improve accuracy and turnaround times. Rules-based algorithms and intuitive workflows route applications and claims intelligently and increase productivity. Robotics helps automate repetitive processes and speed time-to-market Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Pattern Matching solutions detect and prevent fraud.

As use of advanced technology by the insurance industry increases, Datamatics can keep you ahead of the competitive curve.