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Insurance companies across the world are re-engineering their business models to ensure quick turnaround time while delivering quality services, operational efficiency and throughput. The key priorities for insurance companies include addressing challenges around regulations, expenses and creating customer-centric products and services. Towards this goal, they are taking all possible measures for deploying innovative technology to improve business processes and streamline legacy applications.

Datamatics understands the needs and challenges in handling insurance processes such as new business insurance, underwriting, claims management, policy servicing, onboarding, no claim bonus, risk score, claim adjudication, claim processing, verification & validation, disputed claims resolution, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering curbs, etc. Datamatics has the expertise to integrate insurance back-office automation with modern technologies including robotic process automation (RPA), business intelligence & analytics, artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML).

Datamatics enables its institutional customers to strategically integrate statutory compliance checks in their day-to-day processes and take corrective and preventive actions to curb fraud and money laundering activities in the wider ecosystem. The RPA, NLP, and AI / ML powered checks integrated throughout the insurance digital transformation pathway ensure that fraud and money laundering are eliminated from the insurance processing lifecycle.



Digital Transformation using (BPM) Insurance Process Management

Insurance Process Management

Enhance customer experience by seamlessly integrating front-end and back-end processes

Automate the insurance lifecycle processes right from underwriting, policy issuance, premium chasing through claim adjudication and claim processing

Re-engineer business models and expedite processes to improve operational efficiency and throughput

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for Insurance Industry

Robotic Process Automation - TruBot

Increase productivity, accuracy and speed with TruBot, an enterprise-grade, multi-skilled bot

Improve the scope of automation by integrating with a plethora of technologies such as intelligent data capture, artificial intelligence / machine learning, analytics, streaming media, etc.

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization for Insurance Industry

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization - TruBI

Improve real-time decision making capability through intelligent data processing and analytics by using high volumes of data stored in cloud, data lakes and other data management systems

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Technology solutions for Digital Transformation in Insurance Industry


Transform your digital landscape to become more agile and scalable with the use of state of the art technology solutions in enterprise portals, enterprise content management, cloud, etc.

Improve accessibility, productivity, and customer satisfaction through anytime anywhere access in a safe and secure environment

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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences for Insurance Industry

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences

Improve customer interactions, faster product introductions, fraud prevention & detection and build many more decision support systems across multiple enterprise touchpoints

Decipher patterns evolving from different demographics and geographic locations to estimate risk exposure

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Digital Experience for Digital Transformation in Insurance Industry

Digital Experience

Enable customers to adopt ‘mobile first’ approach for enhanced customer experience and rebuild operating models for your businesses in a digital world

Offer differentiated and human centric digital experience as well as life time value with to customers with wearable technology, connected devices, and connected digital experiences

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PBoR - Provider Book Of Record solutions for Insurance Industry

PBoR - Provider Book Of Record

An integrated robust and scalable cloud-based framework which automates, streamlines, and digitizes the complete provider onboarding, credentialing, and contract management process

Real-time connect with multiple systems

Offers role-based accessibility as well as easy search and retrieval of the integrated systems

Improve compliance and audit as well as productivity and efficiency of resources

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Business intelligence (BI) tool offers Multi-Dimensional View

Research and Analytics

Enhance your business by gaining insights and informed decisions through a better understanding of your consumers' needs and wants, their purchase behavior and path-to-purchase journeys across both digital and offline touchpoints.

Conduct Secondary Research around global trends and macro-economic parameters

Perform end-to-end customized research & Intelligence around Competition, Consumer & Market trends right from survey programming, data collection and data processing to insights, analytics, reports and dashboards

Build advance analytics and decision models, such as policy lapsation, fraud detection/ prevention, claims and denials analytics, spend enhancement, affinity based targeting, etc.

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Customer Support solutions for Healthcare Industry

Customer Management

Improve customer experience with superior customer interactions across the various touchpoints. Omnichannel customer management solutions provides consistent and effective customer support to enhance their satisfaction and loyalty

Leverage state of the art digital customer management solutions like AI/ ML based chatbots, Auto IVR, RPA, NLP, deep analytics, etc. for strategic competitive advantage

Build customer management solutions, such as lead generation & acquisition, fraud detection & prevention, collections, risk indicators, dispute resolution, online support, etc.

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