End-To-End Data Analytics And Improved Decision Making For A Healthcare Giant Case Study
Case Study

End-To-End Data Analytics & Visualization Automation For A Healthcare Giant


The client is focused on providing industry-leading, actionable KOL (key opinion leader) solutions to marketing and medical affairs groups at pharma, biotechnology, and medtech companies, which includes profiling, identification, and screening as well as analytics such as ranking, FMV and competitive analysis.



End-To-End Data Analytics And Improved Decision Making For A Healthcare Giant


The client’s product sales were sagging and they wanted to conduct market segmentation to overcome acute strategic problems and cross-sell products.

There was lack of standardization across all departments. And lack of visibility at the top level management in the organisation


Datamatics automated all the processes to capture data from Electronic data Interchange (EDI) and designed a comprehensive workflow to digitize and scan text files in UB04 format.

The workflow effectively converts unstructured data into a digital format and feed it into the BI system. Implemented IBM Cognos Express (integrated business intelligence (BI) solution and planning solution purpose-built for midsize companies) for data visualization

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100% Error-free process


Error-free process

Digitized and automated

Digitized and automated

The entire process making significant savings in time, effort, and cost

Holistic report

Holistic report

To Improve organization wide visibility

New Business opportunities

Business opportunities

Lcapability to cross-sell services to the right existing customers

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Case Study in Healthcare

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