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Omnichannel is the new buzzword as retailers seek to offer a seamless shopping experience across multiple formats and stores – physical, kiosk, online and mobile apps. Datamatics’ state-of-the-art retail and digital marketplace solutions help companies unify the customer experience regardless of the touchpoint.

With Datamatics solutions introduce new channels quickly, improve merchandising, personalize offers, minimize operational costs and maximize revenues across touchpoints.

Datamatics enables retailers to cross-sell and up-sell products through strategically aligned Beacon systems throughout the retail store as well as telecom-enabled SMS-alerts in ring-fenced geographically dispersed areas. Through smart use of purchasing history along with pattern mining, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI / ML) algorithms, Datamatics also enables its retail and digital marketplace customers to position bundled offers to their customers.

Datamatics is one of the pioneers in digital payment enablement through simple and contactless, cashless money transfers across different digital channels. Datamatics enables its retail and digital marketplace institutional customers to issue open loop, contactless prepaid cards, such as Rupay cards in India, as the world ensures preparedness against future COVID-19 like pandemics.



Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences solutions for retail and e-commerce industry

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences

Improve customer interactions, ensure faster product introductions, dynamic pricing and build many more decision support systems across multiple enterprise touch points

Decipher patterns evolving from different demographics and geographic locations to estimate risk exposure

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Customer Acquisition for retail and e-commerce solutions

CX Consulting

Our consulting team defines and designs interventions to measure customer engagement across different milestones of the customer journey to provide best-in-class transformative customer experience

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Technology solutions for retail and e-commerce industry


Transform your digital landscape to become more agile and scalable with the use of state-of-the-art technology solutions in enterprise portals, enterprise content management, cloud, etc.

Improve accessibility, productivity, and customer satisfaction through anytime anywhere access to retail, e-retail, and digital marketplace portals in a safe and secure environment

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization for retail and e-commerce industry

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization - TruBI

Improve real-time decision making capability through intelligent data processing and analytics by using high volumes of data stored in cloud, data lakes and other data management systems

Improve understanding of customer needs through data mining, pattern mining and text mining

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Finance & Accounting solutions for retail & e-commerce industry

Finance & Accounting

Streamline and automate your organization’s CFO back-office operations with finance & accounting solutions

Generate a healthy cash flow, have a better financial control through insights and forecasts, as well as adopt a highly systematic approach to maintain accurate documents for financial auditing

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Digital Experience solutions for retail and e-commerce industry

Digital Experience

Enable customers to adopt ‘mobile first’ approach for enhanced customer experience

Offer differentiated and human centric digital experience as well as life time value to customers with wearable technology, connected devices, and connected digital experiences

Enable payments with contactless prepaid cards, such as Rupay, across the retail outlets and digital marketplace portals, and other utility avenues toward the “one nation one card paradigm”

Scale the digital maturity curve faster and improve speed to market with pre-built digital frameworks

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Business intelligence (BI) tool offers Multi-Dimensional View

Research and Analytics

Enhance your business by gaining insights and informed decisions through a better understanding of your consumers' needs and wants, their purchase behavior and path-to-purchase journeys across both digital and offline touchpoints.

Conduct Secondary Research around global trends and macro-economic parameters

Perform end-to-end customized research & intelligence around Competition, Consumer & Market trends right from survey programming, data collection and data processing to insights, analytics, reports and dashboards

Build advance analytics models, such as sales forecasting, marketing mix modeling, price elasticity, customer lifetime value analysis, RFM analysis, inventory and shelf optimization, etc.

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Customer Support solutions for Retail & e-commerce industry

Customer Management

Improve customer experience with superior customer interactions across the various touchpoints. Omnichannel customer management solutions provides consistent and effective customer support to enhance their satisfaction and loyalty

Leverage state of the art digital customer management solutions like AI/ ML based chatbots, Auto IVR, RPA, NLP, deep analytics, etc. for strategic competitive advantage

Build customer management solutions, such as lead generation, campaign management, customer service, order taking, online support, post sale support, collections, rebates/ refunds, etc.

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