Retail shopping has undergone a paradigm shift within the last decade as customers are reaping the benefits of Omni-channel retailing. Due to the increasing digitization of the world, retail has now grown from being multichannel to a truly Omni-channel industry sparking a revolution in consumer experience. Consequently, the retail industry needs to take a relook at their strategies taking into account the Code Halos that customers leave behind. The customers in a digital world expect a seamless experience across all platforms and channels and retailers are expected to deliver an enhanced connected experience across all customer touch points.

An Omni-Channel solution based on a cloud platform empowers retailers with flexibility and seamless integration with enterprise solutions. This integration empowers retailers to reduce complexity and give a more personalized customer experience.  Hence, with a commerce platform in the cloud, retailers can take advantage of continuous innovation, flexibility and deliver seamless experience across all platforms and channels, offering a persistent profile and enabling a frictionless transaction wherever or however a consumer may choose to shop.

Our Services


Datamatics provides premium consulting services where our experts’ partner with clients to study their retail solution landscape and chalk out a suitable and customized omni channel strategy supported by the right solutions to meet their business needs.

Cloud POS solution

Datamatics offers a state-of-the-art cloud based retail commerce solution that helps retailers immediately transform their physical stores channels into omnichannel retail hubs. Our cloud or in-premise POS solution is very easy to deploy. It can be used with any device and web front to provide retail functionalities, assisted sale and inventory visibility everywhere in the store. This secure solution includes comprehensive back office enterprise software for retail management, faster store updates, embedded analytics, and connections to existing ERP systems.

C-POS solution enables retailers to bring the required transformation of physical stores to their new role in the omnichannel retail. The solution is built on top of a modern and future-proof technology platform and mobility apps that allow it to do much more and much faster, with lower risks, enabling retailers to embrace change through a continuous innovation process.


  • Gain higher business agility with easy to deploy and use solution.
  • Enable transforming physical stores to become real multichannel hubs. 
  • Enhance  brand image and provide an extended service with mobile POS.
  • Enable employees and influence purchasing decisions in the store with a complete set of sale assistance capabilities.
  • Gain actionable insights and react faster to customers’ behavioral changes with a comprehensive embedded analytics and reporting functionality.

POS simulator

Retailers experience maximum workload and also make huge profits during peak seasons. They hire temporary staff during this period that needs to undergo training on POS terminals; locking-in valuable POS infrastructure across all stores. Retailers also continually improve their POS systems which in turn need continuous testing of the POS solution and training.

A POS system connects to several peripheral devices. Each of these peripheral devices has significant cost associated with it. In many scenarios, such as testing or training, the peripheral devices can be replaced with simulators. This helps in controlling the costs while still being able to provision large numbers of POS systems without taking a material hit in terms of cost.

Datamatics has developed a suite of UPOS Version 1.14 compliant software simulators. These simulators integrate with any UPOS compliant POS Application there by replacing the physical device. POS simulator can reduce cost of POS training hardware by over 75%.

Datamatics supports the following POS peripherals:

Cash Drawer, Line Display, POS Printer, Scale, Scanner, Lights, Coin Acceptor, Note Acceptor, Coin Dispenser, Note Dispenser


  • Reduction in cost (Software, Hardware, Manpower)
  • Reduction in efforts
  • Better quality product with reduced defects and bug fixing costs
  • Flexible accessibility

Mobile based survey

Retailers need to innovate continuously to keep up with the changing needs of the consumer. Market research platforms allow retailers to feel the pulse of consumer. Datamatics’ mobile enabled Market Research solution is a well-defined, end-to-end system connecting the end-user’s mobile app with the market research database.

Following are the some of the benefits derived from the mobile app to market research platform:

  • Allows users to participate in surveys and discussions from anywhere and at anytime; increasing accessibility and reach
  • The data integration of structured and unstructured data in one platform to reduce errors and labor between 5 and 10%
  • Improved data analytics and reduction in cost due to reduced TAT resulting from faster collection of user opinions through surveys, polls and forums
  • Comes with a co-creation feature allowing more than just customer feedback with a provision to bring in customer ideas


  • Get customers insight for decision making
  • Faster data collection


Leading OEM develops smart SCO POS system with Datamatics resulting to reduced cost of development by 75%

A leading OEM of retail POS wanted to develop Self Check Out POS system that facilitates customers to perform self-check out and request attendant intervention only when necessary. A monitoring program was also required to be used by the attendant to monitor multiple Self Check Out POS systems at a time. Datamatics team delivered a solution with fast product development rollout while maintaining a very high performance and end customer satisfaction.

Datamatics made effective use of the existing POS while adding new peripherals like Bag-scale, Weigh scale, IO Control, BNA & Coin handling. This resulted in reduction in time to market by 50% and reduced cost of development by 75%.

End customers of Self Check Out POS (Retailers) have below mentioned advantages:

  • Speed checkout to maximize throughput
  • Reduce footprint to optimize floor space
  • Effectively manage and help lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improve customer experience
Leading OEM develops smart SCO POS system with Datamatics resulting to reduced cost of development by 75%