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Datamatics Digital Assurance and Digital Testing Practice believes in CI/CD/CT in a dynamic environment. The team offers automated software testing solutions ranging from Big Data Testing to Agile Testing to Core Testing. Datamatics ensures the agility, tensility, and sustainability of business applications in multivariate scenarios and continuous improvement of the application functionalities across the Information Technology landscape. Datamatics Digital Assurance and Digital Testing Practice believes in strengthening the core through continuous application performance tuning and supporting scalable digital transformation. Its team of skilled software design engineers in testing enabled with the latest software testing technology supports faster and better Go-to-Market. 

Datamatics Digital Assurance Solution Advantages


Mature Testing Practice

  • Over 2 decades of experience in executing testing projects in complex environments
  • 120+ projects executed
  • 320+ verification & validation experts
  • 145+ experts in ISQTB, CSTE, HP, IBM

Testing Technology Enablers

  • Selenium, Cypress, Playwright
  • .NET, Java, Python, Javascript
  • Xamarin, Appium
  • LambdaTest, BrowserStack
  • Jmeter, LoadRunner
  • BurpSuite, CharlesProxy
  • MS Azure
  • Amazon Web Services

Faster Time To Market

  • Testing Enablers
  • Ready-to-use framework with reusable components and Continuous Testing enabled frameworks

Automated Operations

  • Access a common platform for test and operational automation for conducting testing on fast-moving and real-time data

Reduced Cost And Efforts

  • Reduce costs by 40-60% by engaging a tool agnostic framework and reduce efforts in tandem in the testing and overall software development

Improved Application Quality

  • Test real-time test data from multiple sources along with early involvement of domain experts in testing through Shift-Left approach

Digital Testing Capabilities

Next Generation Testing


Agile Testing

  • Build Digital Assurance with end-to-end software testing for automated agile software-development 
  • Adopt DevTestOps-ready frameworks for test-driven development/deployment 
  • Engage expertise in behavioral-driven development (BDD), test-driven development (TDD), or hybrid frameworks


  • Ensure rapid, high-quality product-development 
  • Support iterative SDLC with integrated security and testing
  • Integrate security and frequent testing with Agile software-development 
  • Adopt "DevSecTestOps" - Static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and other security testing techniques in CI/CD/CT

Cloud Testing

  • Leverage Cloud infrastructure testing to ensure high-quality service delivery
  • Engage remote environment over the internet, in part and in entirety of the cloud application in private, public, and hybrid modes based on the business and application requirements

Big Data Application Testing

  • Engage data integration testing, data repository testing, and analytic layer testing 
  • Use Hadoop and AWS for Big Data Source Extraction Testing, Big Data Migration Testing, Big Data Performance Testing, Data Analytics Testing, Big Data Constraints and Security Testing

Visual Testing

  • Identify user interface defects early on through visual comparison
  • Eliminate human error and oversight errors
  • Use reusable libraries for automation testing

Mobile App Testing

  • Use ready-to-use common automation testing framework for multiple devices (iOS, Android-environments) 
  • Integrate with DevSecTestOps-frameworks and multiple device-farms, such as Google Device farm, Browser Stack, Sauce Labs, and Amazon Device farm

ERP Testing

  • Shift-Left using End-to-End testing of ERP systems with proven automation frameworks
  • Use one solution for simultaneous testing of multiple modules and workflows
  • Use customizable testing frameworks that support multiple platforms

Web Services Testing

  • Engage cost-efficient automated software testing for Cloud application environments, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications

REST API Testing

  • Shift-Left with testing API functionality and Performance Testing without the UI being ready 
  • Improve test-coverage with technology agnostic testing solutions 
  • Test request-response with JSON 
  • Accelerate Integration Testing between upstream-downstream systems

Backend Testing

  • Validate ETL testing data between source to target
  • Verify the record-count between source and target
  • Verify table relation sanctity and integrity post migration
  • Validate schema, tables, triggers in target database

Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Identify application vulnerabilities with static and dynamic application security testing (SAST and DAST) 
  • Test application vulnerabilities with various tools, such as Burp Suite, netsparker, Charles, Xenotix 4, sqlmap, Debugger, Metasploit

Specialized Testing


Test Advisory Services

  • Identify gaps in testing techniques 
  • Establish a roadmap to achieve the desired testing setup to achieve business goal

Performance Engineering

  • Achieve the user load that the business expects
  • Initiate the performance test much earlier in the lifecycle by identifying performance bottlenecks at both code and service levels

Testing CoE Building

  • Institutionalize a centralized quality assurance framework that helps the tools, methodologies, techniques and processes to deliver a flawless end-product to the customer

Core Testing


Test Automation

  • Engage robust test automation solutions by leveraging both open source and proprietary framework through various tools such as UFT, Selenium web driver, rational function testing, etc.

Performance Testing

  • Simulate real-time web environment for improved results
  • Ramp-up testing efforts through – Load Testing, Stress Testing, Endurance Testing, and Volume Testing
  • Conduct Performance Testing in Cloud Migration and Cloud Native environments

Usability Testing

  • Address all usability issues for the site through responsive testing, SEO audits, response time testing and UI / UX testing

Cross Browser Testing

  • Use advanced cross-browser and multi-device testing methodologies to check application compatibility 
  • Design an optimal browser-agnostic user experience
  • Generate runtime-analysis of expected versus actual results
  • Engage reusable-libraries for jumpstarting automation testing 

Compatibility Testing

  • Assure whether the software runs on different hardware configurations, operating systems, multi-cloud environments, clients, mobility devices and solutions, etc.

Functional Testing

  • Validate software applications against technical specifications and functional requirements
  • Test the main functions, primary usability, accessibility, errors / alert messages, etc.

Datamatics Innovative Testing Approach


TruTest – Robotic Automation Testing

  • Simultaneously test real-time data across environments; improve time-to-market
  • Test low code design-development in Agile environment
  • Test integration with CyberArk Vault and Analytics platforms
  • Test Intelligent Automation ensembles in early development-stage

AI-based Testing

  • Leverage Datamatics-ACCELQ AI-based testing partnership for Cloud-based continuous test-automation, design-related predictive analytics, autonomic test-automation, and adaptive change management
  • Conduct environment-agnostic Web/UI testing, SSH testing, API test-automation, NoSQL testing, Mainframe test-automation


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