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Advance Analytics & Data Sciences Solutions

As businesses continue to generate and store an ever increasing quantum of unstructured and structured data, in the process they create a rich data repository that can be tapped to build new revenue streams. Popularly referred to as Big Data or Connected Data, it presents businesses with lucrative avenues for data analytics and data monetization.

Datamatics Advanced Analytics solutions & Data Sciences services works in tandem with its business partners enabling them in their Connected Data journey and generating actionable insights. With its 5D model – Design, Develop, Deploy, Discover, and Deliver – Datamatics enables its partners to mitigate risk and optimize their enterprise data resources.




Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences Offerings

Diagnostic - advanced analytics and data science solutions

Sales & Marketing Analytics

  • Generate insights that you need to provide the right product or service to the right buyer
  • Maximize your sales & close more deals
  • Generate valuable business insights by extracting information about target markets, customers, and marketing efforts

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Prescriptive - Advanced Data Analytics Services & Consulting

Financial Risk Analytics

  • Find the nature of risk exposures and limit to acceptable levels
  • Minimize financial risk, maximize financial security

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Research Support ServicesCustomer Analytics

  • Align your business approach for optimal customer experience through action-driven insight enabled machine learning solutions
  • Increase your customer retention, acquisition, sales and customer loyalty by bridging customer experience disconnect through enhanced customer experience
  • Review your customer data at right time and react on opportunities much faster

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Descriptive - Advanced Data Analytics Services & Consulting

Operational Analytics

  • Reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting your daily operations
  • Efficiently create, debug and customize workflows across your heterogeneous system

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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Software SolutionsHR Analytics

  • Manage your workforce as a strategic asset
  • Make more informed people decisions about engagement, diversity, workforce planning, retention, recruitment etc.

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