Financial Risk Analytics

Optimize earnings and mitigate financial and reputational damage

Financial Risk Analytics Solutions

Financial risk management entails evaluating various assets and liabilities both now and in the future. It is important to recognize that financial institutions on the one hand, need to earn money, and they can only do so by taking risks. On the other hand, it is the task of the risk manager to confine these risks. Restrictions on risk taking might cause costs or even impede attractive business activities. While coping with the difficult and sometimes contradictory requirements and mitigating risks, risk managers can contribute to emergence of new risks and dangers.

One has to still follow the traditional heuristic rules “never put all eggs in one basket”, “margin of safety” and so on when it comes to Financial Risk Management.

Hence there is a need to consider different components of risk through right approach at right time with right strategy by integrating external & internal factors with 360 degree connected data framework. Datamatics can assist clients in understanding, quantifying, and forecasting risk and uncertainty in order to reduce economic threats. We can also assist in providing quantitative advisory services for data-driven strategic solutions across your organization's operations. Transparency, efficiency, compliance, and financial stability can be strengthened with Datamatics services.


Financial Risk Analytics Offerings

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Tools SolutionsCredit Risk Scorecards

  • Make an intelligent lending decision by leveraging a prospective buyer's 360-degree credit history
  • Reduce the per-unit processing cost

Bank ReconciliationFraud Analytics

  • Identify red flags (fraudulent indicators) through combination of human intelligence & machine learning
  • Increase efficiency of process and resources

Customer Master MaintenancePolicy Lapsation

  • Proactively sort customers with missed payments, in order of priority
  • Ensure minimum lapse rates for the sustainable growth of the company

Financial Planning & Analysis - F & A Solutions

Cash Limit Optimization

  • Optimize cash operations
  • Reduce idle cash levels and operational (cash-in-transit) costs

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