Optimize earnings and mitigate financial and reputational damage

Datamatics enables businesses in understanding, quantifying, and forecasting risk and uncertainty in order to reduce economic threats. It assists in providing quantitative advisory services for data-driven strategic solutions across the business' operations. Datamatics integrates external & internal factors by using the 360-degree connected data framework. The framework helps achieve transparency, efficiency, compliance, and financial stability can be strengthened with Datamatics Financial Risk Analytics services.

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Financial Risk Analytics Offerings

Credit Risk Scorecards-01

Credit Risk Scorecards

Make an intelligent lending decision by leveraging a prospective buyer's 360-degree credit history with Advanced Analytics driven credit risk scorecards

Reduce the per-unit processing cost with Advanced Analytics

Fraud Analytics-01

Fraud Analytics

Identify red flags (fraudulent indicators) through combination of human intelligence and AI/ML powered Fraud Analytics and Financial Risk Analytics

Increase efficiency of process and resources

Policy Lapsation-01

Policy Lapsation

Proactively sort customers with missed payments, in order of priority, by using AI/ML powered Financial Risk Analytics

Ensure minimum lapse rate for the sustainable growth of the company by using Financial Risk Analytics

Cash Limit Optimization-01

Cash Limit Optimization

Optimize cash operations with Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences

Reduce idle cash levels and operational (cash-in-transit) costs with Advanced Analytics


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