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In a dynamic environment, credit rating agencies have to assess the creditworthiness of tens and hundreds of business entities and individuals on a daily basis. These assessments form the basis of monetary exchanges and act as important catalysts during business transactions within countries and across geographical borders. Credit rating agencies, also referred to as CRA services, have to research multiple public sites along with the information received from the assessees, as a part of the daily process. They have to weigh the assets and liabilities of assessees as well as their ability to repay loans and fulfill obligations towards stock taken on credit. As these credit assessments form the basis of business transactions that power the national economy, these assessments have to be fast yet accurate.

Datamatics Credit Rating Solutions & Services uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) to empower its CRA partners through robotic sourcing of data and conducting 24x7 online surveillance of their assessees. Datamatics enables its business partners through process acceleration and catalysis. Datamatics Credit Rating solutions enable their CRA partners to automate their process workflow right from research & sourcing, organizing & classifying, data collation & integration, to disseminating & reporting.

Datamatics Credit Rating Solutions & Managed Services has a team of experienced and qualified analysts, who monitor structured finance deals across different sectors, including RMBS, ABS, SLAB, CMBS, CLO, CDO, and Master Trust. They monitor thousands of statements across different corporates and industries, such as banks, insurance, public finance, corporate finance, non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs), global corporates, REITs, sovereigns, global infrastructure, and technology-media-telecommunications (TMT). Datamatics with its Credit Rating solutions and services has engagements spanning across the USA, Canada, EMEA, APAC, Africa, and Asia.

Datamatics Credit Rating Agency (CRA) Analytical Offerings

Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Purchase Order Management

Financial Statement Analysis

  • Detailed analysis based on domain knowledge – Banking, Insurance, Public Finance, and Corporate Finance
  • Technology solution consulting expertise for analysis spanning IFRS, HGB, US GAAP, and Local GAAP
  • 24x7 surveillance & robotic information sourcing across multiple public information sites in an agile environment and monitoring entities amidst dynamic markets
Procure To Pay (P2P) Services: Contract Management

Structured Finance Solution

  • Deals modeling, trustee reports processing, and AI/ML-based data capture
  • AI/ML-enabled analysis of financial & economics data across –
    • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
    • Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS)
    • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)
    • Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO)
    • Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO)
  • Business research and automation solutions for gauging entity business models vis-à-vis market trends

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Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Vendor Relationship Management

Corporate Hierarchy Solution

  • Analysis of corporate hierarchy for different business sectors
  • Analysis of financial reports, disclosures, balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement and notes to accounts, statement of changes in equity, PILLAR 3/ BASEL III reports, and Y9C reports
  • AI/ML-enabled analysis of shareholding pattern, subsidiary holding pattern, and data presentation
  • Global-language research and analysis, including Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese

Mobile App-Prototyping Services

Knowledge Management Platform

  • Cognitive capture for CDO/CLO, RMBS, and ABS
  • Report sourcing and processing related to banks, NBFI, insurance, public finance, global infrastructure groups, global corporates, travel, media, tourism, structured finance products, Pillar 3 disclosures, and Solvency II requirements
  • Ready repository of financial data and reports of assessees

Enterprise Content Management implementation services

Rating Portal for
Rating Analysts

  • Rating Analytics Module (RAM) for fetching and pushing data from and to internal systems
  • Functionalities to upload Excel spreadsheet data and generate PDF rating reports with infographics

Progressive Web App Development Company

Web Applications &
Application Add-ins

  • Application for data collection and financial analysis
  • Microservices based composable architectures above the core for anytime, anywhere access
  • Application add-ins for seamless computational analysis

Big Data AnalyticsEnvironmental, Social, Governance (ESG) 

  • Assessment of environmental, social, and governance risks of assessees
  • Data extraction from PDFs into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Intelligent web crawling for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk assessment, classification, and scoring
  • Neural information extraction with human intervention only for validation prior to submission
  • Rule-based engines for identifying compliant and non-compliant assessees for enabling rating analysts
  • Benchmarking the ESG leaders and best ESG practices

Migration & UpgradeMicroservices Architecture

  • Legacy modernization through Cloud containerization and Microservices architecture
  • Cloud migration and Cloud adaptation
  • Enablement for high-speed data migration and integration with disparate enterprise systems

Datamatics Corporate Hierarchy Work Streams

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Software Solutions

Entity Level Data

  • Assessment of corporate hierarchy 
  • Assessment of parent organization, subsidiaries, and board of directors for M&A ground-work
  • Automated sourcing and data spreading with engines powered by FINATO
  • Data publishing to CRA products for monetization
  • Data visualization, slicing-dicing, etc., with help of TruBI-powered dashboards
Committee and meeting management


  • Assessment of shareholder patterns 
  • Assessment of bulk stock buying and selling as part of M&A ground-work
  • Automate sourcing and data spreading with engines powered by FINATO
  • Data publishing to the external world
  • TruBI-powered dashboards for in-depth analysis
Business Partner

Directors & Officers

  • Assessment of publicly held assets and liabilities of executive positions for M&A ground-work
  • Automated sourcing and data spreading with engines powered by FINATO
  • Data analysis and publishing for valuation and rating
  • Data visualization, slicing-dicing, etc., with help of TruBI-powered dashboards

Datamatics Credit Rating Analysis Advantages

Payment Posting - Healthcare Process Management Provider Services


  • Single Financial Analysis Hub
  • Support across the globe with varied data content
  • Centralized Processing
Revenue Cycle Management - Healthcare Process Management Provider Services


  • High accuracy 
  • High processing speed
  • Capability to scale up horizontally & vertically


Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Vendor Relationship Management


  • Cost-efficient analytical support
  • Competitive advantage gained by CRA partners through AI/ML automation


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