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Optimizing Structured Finance Processing Service For A Global Credit Rating Agency


An essential component of the global capital markets, providing credit ratings, research, tools and analysis


Banking & Financial Services



The client was facing challenges like inefficiency in sustaining growth and time lags as the processes carried out were slow and they wanted to reduce the time lag in being first to- the-market in sourcing & analysing structured financial products and reduce the delays in manual sourcing of the trustee reports and processing of unstructured reports.


Datamatics conducted detailed assessments, identified efficiency gaps, proposed a technology driven outsourcing model, and implemented intelligent crawler to automate sourcing of information from the internet and intelligent Finato workflow To capture information, validate, process data & generate reports.

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60% Reduced response time


Reduced response time

Average trustee report sourcing & analysis time

48 hrs

Average trustee report sourcing & analysis time

90% Decrease in paper handling


Decrease in paper handling

Higher accuracy and faster processing

Achieved higher accuracy and faster processing helping the client to increase the breadth of analysing Structured Finance Products globally

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