Automate tasks, processes and documents using an integrated automation platform

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Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform 

A unified platform to automate a series of tasks, processes and unstructured and semi-structured data in various types of documents. The Intelligent Automation Platform combines the capabilities of Datamatics TruBot RPA and TruCap+ IDP products along with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) models developed by Datamatics Datalabs and third-party APIs. Aimed at both developer and business user personas, TruBot RPA and TruCap+ IDP can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

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Intelligent Automation Platform Capabilities


Integrated intelligent
automation platform

Integration at product and user experience (UX) levels removes the friction involved in using disparate products offered by different vendors


Intelligent automation using
AI/ML/NLP capabilities

Not just rudimentary processing, achieve true intelligent automation using Datamatics AI/ML/NLP IP or third-party APIs.


Unattended and attended
automation using TruBot

Leverage the power of TruBot RPA for unattended and attended automation, depending upon your use case requirements.


Intelligent document processing
using TruCap+

Ingest and convert unstructured and semi-structured data in documents to a structured format with integrated IDP capabilities.


Exploit the power of cloud for greater flexibility and agility

Use RPA and IDP products deployed in the cloud for infrastructure flexibility and agility in terms of time-to-value.


Open platform offering APIs
for easy integration

Connect with other automation tools, BPM products and various other enterprise applications/systems using APIs.


Enterprise-grade data security
and governance

Robust data security and governance capabilities to safeguard data at rest and in motion, essential for mission-critical processes.


Tailor made for business
user persona

Compelling UX and greater “ease-of-use” for non-technical users, get up and running faster and automate with ease.

Analyst Recognitions


Forrester RPA
Wave 2021

TruBot Recognized as a Strong Performer

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Everest IDP Peak Matrix

Everest IDP Peak
Matrix 2021

TruCap+ recognized as a Star Performer

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Quadrant SPARK Matrix

Quadrant IDP Spark Matrix 2020

TruCap+ recognized
as a Leader

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