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TruBot Cockpit

Take charge of your RPA program



Manage and monitor your entire bot workforce from a single tool.

With TruBot Cockpit you can schedule jobs, allocate bot stations on-the-run, monitor bot ecosystem health checks, keep a tab on specific jobs and manage all tasks required to effectively manage your RPA program.

TruBot Cockpit is useful for businesses across all stages of their RPA journey, from launch to scaling up. Additionally, TruBot Cockpit Personal ensures true democratization of RPA without the dependency on an IT team. This version is meant for a single user and runs as a local desktop application, making your RPA program accessible irrespective of your scale of operations. 



TruBot Overview

Efficiently monitor bots across your business

  • Experience flexible bot deployment across environments
  • Ensure optimum use of your bots in line with business goals
  • Keep track of your bot ecosystem

Key Differentiators

ia-MULTI-SKILLED-BOT FULL CONTROL OF RPA PROGRAM Manage, control, and monitor your entire RPA program centrally with TruBot Cockpit. Track bots with screen replay, set up alerts and notifications, and schedule jobs.  
ia-FULL-CONTROL-OF-RPA-PROGRAM FLEXIBLE BOT DEPLOYMENT Deploy bots on cloud or on-premise, as well as physical and virtual machines.  
ia-ENTERPRISE-GRADE-SECURITY ENTERPRISE GRADE SECURITY Separate production and development environments. Use the Credential vault for securely storing all credential details. Additional features like role-based access and privilege access management to ensure complete security.   
ia-EASE-OF-USE EASY TO USE Intuitive central web-based interface can be accessed from any device globally.  
ia-END-TO-END-AUTOMATION INSIGHTS ON RPA PROGRAM Comprehensive view of your RPA program with real-time monitoring of bot health, bot station availability, applications accessed by bots and many other parameters across bot lifecycle. Complete audit trail of activities performed by Cockpit for accountability.  
ia-ZERO-BOT-FOOTPRINT OPTIMUM UTILIZATION OF BOTS Plan activities based on bot usage. Bot health checks, auto-dynamic bot station allocation, and concurrent bot run to ensure best use of bots. Real-time visibility into availability of bots.  
ia-MULTI-OCR TRUBOT COCKPIT PERSONAL FEATURES Ideal for self-help and multitasking. Offers smart dashboard with real-time monitoring, snapshot of the last 100 jobs, central notification display and search, as well as detailed bot logs.  


TruBot Cockpit Personal is the desktop version of the TruBot Cockpit application. It is designed to run in two modes—Personal and Enterprise. In Personal mode, you can upload and run bots. In the Enterprise mode, you can use it to configure access to the TruBot Cockpit application to transform the desktop machine into a bot-station, and to manage Cockpit bots (aka enterprise bots).
True Democratization

RPA for self-help and multi-tasking

Smart Dashboard

Easy snapshot of the last 100 jobs executed for real-time status bots

Central Notification Display

Easy navigation and search of notifications related to the entire bot system

Audit Trail

Easily searchable and downloadable detailed bot logs available in text file format

Customer’s choice for Robotic Process Automation Tools

TruBot enjoys high customer satisfaction across industries




TruBot - Free Trial

TruBot Cockpit makes bot management easy and stress-free. Sign up for a free trial to learn more about this powerful tool.


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TruBot Cockpit

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is TruBot Cockpit? TruBot Cockpit allows businesses to centrally manage their entire robotic process automation (RPA) program. Users can control the digital workforce deployed in different teams, departments and locations. It is the go-to tool for an RPA Centre of Excellence or the RPA Program Management Office.
How does TruBot Cockpit enable the RPA program?

TruBot Cockpit allows businesses to centrally manage the RPA program from anywhere, using any device, through Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). It converts the process exported by the TruBot Designer into a job and then a bot. Using this tool, users can allocate the bot to a bot station at any time or from any location. TruBot Cockpit offers a high level of security through a credential vault system that stores the credentials of all the bots deployed in different environments – physical, virtual, cloud, etc.

TruBot Cockpit allows dynamic workstation allocation from the workstation pool and provides custom logs to track the progress of bots. Additionally, TruBot Cockpit users can use the queue feature to manage large workloads and set up trigger-based bots. This tool has a zero footprint design, since the Bot Station does not require any software installation.

How does the TruBot Cockpit monitor bot health? The TruBot Cockpit is programmed to receive a signal or "heartbeat" from each bot at a pre-defined frequency. This allows the RPA program to stay on track throughout its lifetime.
What is the role of TruBot Cockpit in Robotic Process Automation? TruBot Cockpit separates the development and the production environments. While TruBot Designer enables bot development TruBot Cockpit enables bot deployment and monitoring. It allows the Enterprise RPA CoE to centrally monitor the RPA program. It offers a highly intuitive interface for monitoring the bot ecosystem. Replete with dashboards and notification mechanisms it enables real-time governance of the bot program and monitoring of the bot health throughout the enterprise.
What is Bot Personalization or Bot Customization in Robotic Process Automation? Bot Personalization or Bot Customization refers to tailoring the bot-led RPA Automation to mimic the unique process steps that are executed during manual operations for a particular task. 

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