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TruBot Station

TruBot Station


TruBot Station is a physical or virtual machine where your bot is deployed. TruBot Station minimizes the need for physical bot stations, enabling the virtual scalability of your bots.

While TruBot Cockpit assigns a bot to a particular station based on its availability and access to applications. TruBot Station is continuously in touch with TruBot Cockpit, sending "heartbeats" of your bots at regular intervals, along with important messages and progress notifications. The complete synergy between TruBot Cockpit and TruBot Station is a key factor in successful digital transformation for your enterprise. 



TruBot Overview

Improve bot efficiency

  • Run concurrent bots to speed up processes
  • Deploy bots remotely 
  • Monitor bot health in real-time

Key Differentiators

ia-ZERO-BOT-FOOTPRINT MINIMAL FOOTPRINT Minimize need for physical bot stations and allow for virtual scalability.  
ia-VIRTUAL-AND-PHYSICAL VIRTUAL AND PHYSICAL Bots can be deployed on both virtual and physical machines, optimizing available resources  
ia-EASE-OF-USE CONCURRENT BOTS Helps in parallel running and monitoring of multiple bots from the bot pool, independent of the station  
ia-TAILOR-MADE-FOR-BUSINESS-USERS OPEN APIS Connect seamlessly with the TruBot Cockpit for lateral and vertical deployment of bots across the enterprise.  
ia-TEMPLATE-FREE-IDP-2 REMOTE DEPLOYMENT Deploy bots between different stations via the TruBot Cockpit.  
ia-AUTO-SPELL-CORRECTION EASY MONITORING Checks bot health and sends status updates through TruBot Cockpit  
ia-MULTI-SKILLED-BOT CREDENTIAL RETRIEVAL Get access to credentials vault of the individual bot, which is deployed at a TruBot Station, and is stored in the Cockpit.  
ia-EASY-TO-USE MESSAGING AND NOTIFICATIONS Remote management of messaging and bot notifications through the Cockpit.  

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TruBot Station

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is TruBot Station? TruBot Station is the actual machine – physical or virtual – where the bot is deployed.
How does the TruBot Station and TruBot Cockpit synergy drive the RPA program? Both the TruBot Station and TruBot Cockpit are integral parts of the RPA (robotic process automation) program. TruBot Station sends a bot's "heartbeat" at a predefined frequency to TruBot Cockpit. This continuous health monitoring keeps the RPA program on track and delivers maximum throughput during the entire RPA program lifetime.
How do TruBot Station and TruBot Cockpit establish a secure RPA environment? The entire TruBot ecosystem is highly secure with definite segregation of activities between design, deployment, management, and execution. The user ID and password of each bot is securely stored in the TruBot Cockpit, which is retrieved by the bot deployed on the TruBot Station during each execution. This mechanism is fully encrypted thus offering a highly secure RPA environment.
How does TruBot Station ensure security in Robotic Process Automation? TruBot Station is the physical or virtual machine where the bot is deployed. The bots execute the scripts for which they are programmed. As a result, the bots ensure high security not only on the TruBot Station but also within the enterprise ecosystem.
How does TruBot Station ensure scalability in enterprises? TruBot can synchronously execute multiple tasks on the same station (physical or virtual machine). As a result, it can scale up operational throughput while executing tasks 24x7 as far as the source and the host systems are powered on.

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