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"Datamatics has done a great work for Edelweiss Tokyo Life. Each team member is very dedicated and we are extremely happy with the processes that we are working on with Datamatics."
Robert Roscoe

Sandip Gurav
AVP, Central Operations

"We are extremely happy with the dedication of Datamatics. They are very thorough and they take case wise responsibility, follow-ups, and always support us with respect to our learning and training."

Biju Nair

"We have been associated with Datamatics for a very long time. Datamatics has automated Gate Gourmet's Finance & Accounting Processes. It is always great to work with them."

Rich Paul
Director of Projects, Account Services Group

"The Datamatics team that works on ARM Content does good work. We continue to rely on them for more diverse work projects. The team continues to do a better job on the new class of work related to KBA template prep and DE processes. We are pleased with the progress to date. With regard to ARM Content, the Datamatics team makes almost zero mistakes over a period of years and the volume of work they complete is excellent. Quality work delivered timely and open to learning new processes."

Robert Pearson
Managing Editor, Accounting & Audit Content

"Happy with the value addition by Datamatics to our organisation in terms of Procure to Pay function and also continuing with the add on developments."

Mayank Tiwari
AGM & Regional Financial Controller

"Datamatics team has been prompt in addressing all requirements at all times of the day, understanding the criticality of the request and addressing the same with efficiency."

Neha Saigal
AVP, Collection Strategy

"Datamatics team has done a great job in terms of quality of Underwriting. All datamatics team members have been quickly able to adapt to changes whenever required."

Vaseem Chaudhary
Assistant Manager, Underwriting

"Datamatics has worked with us very closely over the years in terms of helping us and implementing a new proctoring platform. Datamatics brings a level of professionalism and support. They're more like a partner to us than a vendor. One of the things that distinguish Datamatics from other companies is their level of understanding and expertise in what they do. I can only see this partnership growing over the years to come."

Raashid Siddique
President, Global Operations

"Datamatics helps us deliver thousands of candidates proctoring every day, and millions of candidates every year. We went from 20-30 agents to nearly 800 agents for online proctoring services. Datamatics really helped us look at test proctoring through a different lens and they have helped us improve our processes over the last year. Datamatics has really committed team members and they're like a part of our own organization."

Rohan Parikh
Vice President, Online Assessments

"We have been associated with Datamatics for more than four years now and they have provided customer management solutions to That's Great News. Datamatics has been extremely flexible during challenging times and never lost a beat. It has been a great experience and we plan on continuing this relationship for years to come."
Robert Roscoe

Robert Roscoe
President, That's Great News

"It's been a long ride working with Datamatics for the last seven years. Datamatics has been a key contributor to the success of Neusoft. They are very professional and the efforts they put in their work are very tremendous and I am looking forward to our continued efforts for mutual success for both companies.."
Caio Yoshida

Caio Yoshida
Director of Operations, Neusoft

"When looking at the benefits we’ve seen since working with SAISOFT & Datamatics TruBot, we talk about hours displaced rather than the time saved. This is because generally speaking when we've automated a task we haven't taken a job away from someone. We’ve freed them up to do something more meaningful"
Ahmed Farouk-1

Ahmed Farouk
Vice President, Finance, Western Bainoona Group (WBG)

"The AP team at Gate Thanks Datamatics for recognizing the work done to automate the AP process. The progress is a result of robust planning, process review and execution. We thank Datamatics for being a partner in this journey with committed individuals and tools/technology platform."
Som Venkatanarayan

Som Venkatanarayan
Controller, Gate Gourmet North America

"Datamatics acts as a key partner in our journey. They look to solve a business problem and not just provide a technical solution. Datamatics works as an extended team of ours. They are very flexible in what we do together. Datamatics is only just a phone call or a message away. The have helped us scale by learning our processes and this is what sets Datamatics apart. We feel Datamatics will continue to be our valued partner going forward in our digital transformation journey."
David Friedman

David Friedman
Head of Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence, Ryder Systems

Ryder logo
"Datamatics never looked its engagement with MullenLowe Lintas as a vendor-client relationship. They were like a partner to us. We have travelled the jouney together and it's been a very productive journey. We have always experienced a positive approach and have always been satisfied working with Datamatics. It has been 12 years since we have been working together and we hope we keep working for many more years to come."
Pravin Savant

Pravin Savant
Group Chief Technology Officer, MullenLowe Lintas Group

"Datamatics has been a key partner for us in this digital transformation journey. The team was very flexible, proactive and innovative. They had a great understanding of the solution. Datamatics implemented the digital workplace solution within a record time of three months and we have greatly benefitted from the solution."
Raghunatha Reddy

Raghunatha Reddy
Executive Vice President & Head IT, UTI Mutual Fund

"We’ve been associated with Datamatics for close to about two years and this journey is around Blue Star’s digitization initiative focused on the procure-to-pay solution. In the true spirit of partnership, we never had a feeling that Datamatics is a vendor or a service provider. We have co-owned and had a joint accountability over this process."
Neeraj Basur

Neeraj Basur
Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Blue Star

"We’ve partnered with Datamatics in our Accounting shared services Centre for about a year now. We are availing the services of Datamatics for iPM tool which bridges the gap between our scanning solution to our ERP which is Oracle Financial. The value that Datamatics tool has brought to our business is immense and it can go only further to great heights. The engagement of Datamatics team has always been very high level and they are always there to pitch in ideas and support us."

AVR Srinivasa Sharma
Assistant Vice Prsident, Finance, Tata Projects

"We started engaging with Datamatics around two years ago. Our challenge was to make sense out of the data that we have collected over past two decades and get insights from that data and for that we engaged with Datamatics. Datamatics is a very dedicated organization. The Datamatics team that has been working with us is very resilient."
Gururaj Rao

Gururaj Rao
Chief Information Officer (CIO), Mahindra Finance

"We used to run some very large manual processes at our end. We partnered with Datamatics who could manage the processes the way we want. Now after two years of engagement, Datamatics has been managing the processes very seamlessly. The value which Datamatics added to our organization was by automating and digitizing the processes which has increased our efficiency."

Yusuf Pachmariwala
EVP & Head Operations, Tata AIA Life
"We had an interesting time with Datamatics when we implemented RPA. After RPA implementation, a process which used to take five days, now took only 2 days and we are now able to do our regulatory reporting in time. Second process we automated was policy admin processing wherein we got nonstandard data from customers and with automation it was converted into standard data. Not only we improved our efficiency but the customer experience also improved over time."
Shailesh P

Shailesh Puthran
Head Operations, Birla Sunlife insurance
"Datamatics was empaneled for automating our Accounts Payables processes. We get about 30,000-40,000 invoices per month which was earlier processed manually. We partnered with Datamatics with an aspiration to digitize our entire invoice processing suite. We are using Datamatics’ tool TruCap+ which helps in automatically reading the invoices and feeding the details into Oracle which is our ERP for Finance. Any request we put forth to Datamatics were immediately taken up on a priority basis and was implemented in an efficient manner."
Prasanta Padhiary

Prasanta Padhiary
Head Finance & Accounting CoE, Tata Projects

"We started working with Datamatics to increase our scalability and reduce transaction time. Datamatics is providing us their solutions across multiple locations in India. Earlier we were delivering to our customers within T+1 and T+2 days and now after partnering with Datamatics, we are able to deliver to our customers within hours and the customer satisfaction has increased at a high rate."
Raviraj Kadam

Raviraj Kadam
Sr. Manager IT,  Tata AIA Life
"Earlier the Data Quality Control (DQC) process was in-house and since we have partnered with Datamatics, the TAT has reduced as Datamatics works 24x7 and customer experience has increased to a great extent as we are now able to issue the policies on the same day."
Ranjith Kumar

M Ranjith Kumar
Sr. Manager New Business & Underwriting, Bajaj Allianz

"Earlier we were using the traditional approach where most of the claims processing were carried out manually which reduced the productivity of the employees. We decided to give this part to Datamatics and they are managing it very well. Datamatics is focused and maintain the productivity and quality and they ensure in customer satisfaction."
Satya Mishra

Satya Mishra
Sr. Manager Claims, Bajaj Allianz

"In future, we are look at automation on the AWS cloud by working with AWS and Datamatics. They ensure that we are on right technology at all times to compete with our competitors in the global market."
Ashish Desai

Ashish Desai
Group Chief Financial Officer, Ashapura Minechem Ltd

"To begin our move to cloud, we engaged with consulting partner, Datamatics. After migrating to AWS, if I have to provision a new server, it is a matter of few minutes. We are now able to provision infrastructure with business growth requirements."
deepak bhardwaj-1

Deepak Bhardwaj
SAP Head, Ashapura Minechem Ltd

"My expectation from Datamatics is to ensure that communication is at top level, to keep updated of the progress of the project. Our expectations are also to have good code written to support our operations"
Gary Rosenfeld

Gary Rosenfeld
Chief Executive Officer - Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) 

"we need a partner that will guide us and provide innovative solutions and so far we're very happy with Datamatics. So far they've been able to jump through loops to help us decide on the new TVM and we are excited about it."
Bernhard Rudolph

Bernhard Rudolph
Chief Financial Officer - Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA)

"The application itself and our hosting environment have never been in better shape. We could not have done this without the very capable help of the entire Datamatics team."
Don LeClair

Don LeClair
Associate Director, Database Search & Systems
American Ancestors & New England
Historic Genealogical Society

American Ancestors
"What Datamatics did was they presented unique combination of skills when they came to us. So on one hand they can understand the data whether it is behavioural or otherwise and make sense of it and get insights out of it. But they also have expertise in process re-engeening. So they can look at the process in which the engagement happens with consumers on a specific area and also guide you as to how the process can be remodeled or redefined."
Manish Makhijani

Manish Makhijani
Global CMI Director (PDC), Unilever

"Datamatics' relentless efforts have resulted in recent implementation of the solution in two countries within a very short duration. This would have not been possible without the responsiveness and professionalism demonstrated by Datamatics team. We are confident of Datamatics continuing to offer best of their services and as a partner achieving many more significant successes together."
Kevin Frazer

Kevin Fraser
Software Development and PPM Director - De La Rue

"Datamatics has provided with really excellent talent and continue to provide the services and have stayed with us as BUPA has changed evolved. I think that Datamatics has a unique ability to find us the right results at the right time and have adapted to our needs. We have also challenged them in quite lot of different ways and they have been able to react to us very rapidly. We never had to struggle with them in terms of getting people on board in a timely fashion."

Graham Fisher
Head, IT - BUPA

"One of the biggest challenge in market research is keep up with ever changing technology but also figuring out how to effectively use those technologies to deliver better insights to clients. Working with Datamatics, we’ve been able to meet and exceed customer demands both from advanced analytics and custom development perspective. I’m sure in future working with Datamatics, we will face the challenges that arise and also create opportunities out of these challenges."
Anthony Germinario

Anthony Germinario
Product Manager-Technology, Buzzback Market Research

"I would like to convey our appreciation to Datamatics in successfully handling the migration and development of Vessel Performing Dashboard. This has helped our operations team to manage and monitor the productivity and efficiency of the vessel operations in real-time."
Nanda Kumar Krishnan

Nanda Kumar Krishnan
General Manager - IT, APM Terminals

"We look to partners like Datamatics to operate as continued extension of our organisation. The Partnership with Datamatics goes back to several years. They have helped us on our consultative basis with an ECM Roadmap. They have worked very closely to understand our business model and learn our people and our culture. It is their flexible approach and their culture of adoption that has made them a tremendously valuable partner.
Howie Spangler

Howie Spangler
Vice President- IT, ARI Global Fleet Management Services

"Datamatics has been a great partner. We embarked on a journey with Datamatics by starting a small process and then looking at the capability which was demonstrated to us by Datamatics we explored Datamatics to partner us in starting our RPA journey."

Ashok Suvarna
Chief Operating Officer – Aditya Birla Sunlife Insurance Company Limited

aditya birla logo
"Our journey has been really great starting from first thing which we liked about Datamatics was the partnership, the detailing and the team that was looking after that. the support that we are getting from Datamatics has really been great and we are really looking forward to more such associations and we are working with them"
Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta
Senior Vice President Operations, Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak logo
"We had a fairly good experience and we are looking forward to better times, definitely. We’ve looked at sourcing out of activities which are allied completely to the core subject of the insurance company but which is essentially non-core. So ancillary activities like data entry which are extremely valuable to our core processes and core functions. We are confident and looking forward to exciting times in the future."
Kashyap Dakshini

Kashyap Dakshini
Head - Underwriting & Claims, Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak logo
"I’ve been associated as a partner to Datamatics since 2011 and in my present avatar at Bajaj Allianz Life we have Datamatics as a partner once again. The journey has been good and it’s an early start. We started sometime in January and it’s been about 8 months and the journey’s been good."
Kayzad Hiramanek

Kayzad Hiramanek
EVP- Operations & Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz Life
"We have newly engaged with Datamatics. And it’s been more than a 6 month relationship so far. And we are into an entirely new journey and it’s definitely helping because the way TATA AIA is scaling, it’s very important for us to partner with a good company like Datamatics which can help us in taking up the business relationship journey together and provide us some solutions which we can accelerate with the business performance."

Madhumita Dantare
Senior Manager, Tata AIA Life Insurance

"Datamatics is ready to do the process studies and give you solutions from their side. Since I am working on the RPA initiatives with Datamatics, they are giving their expertise on RPA and providing solutions. We are new to the RPA world and although we are experts in what we do, Datamatics has shown us how it can be done more efficiently with RPA."
Manish Jain-1

Manish Jain
Regional Head, Corporate Banking, IndusInd Bank

"Datamatics deployed digitisation solution from receipt of documents, scanning, auto data indexing of images and so forth. They also used automated data extraction tool with fuzzy logic and AI. The deployment was effective as it was done in a short duration of time. Today our processes are highly efficient leading to quick retrieval of documents."

Ramesh Narayan
GM-RRM & Indirect Taxation, Mahanagar gas Ltd.

mahanagar gas
"Huge volumes of papers used to be generated which need to be maintained for long years. The processes were not streamlined. We found that Datamatics has excellence expertise and capabilities in Document management system and were the perfect match for our requirements. Datamatics project team was very good and quick in understanding our requirements. . I must complement all our project team members and the project team of Datamatics for this highly successful and innovative project."
Subhojit Roy

Subhojit Roy
Vice President-IT, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. 

SBI logo

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