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Unleash the Power of Intelligent Document Processing with Generative AI

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Cut time-to-market by up to 70% with AI-powered data capture

TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing Solution

Save time, cost, and personnel hours with TruCap+ intelligent document processing (IDP).

Our AI-enabled data capture solution makes document processing a breeze, minimizing the need for manual data entry, exception management, and quality checks. TruCap+ IDP works with unstructured or semi-structured documents to capture data with high accuracy and higher percentage of straight-through processing (STP). TruCap+ has two variants – TruCap+ and TruCap+ GenAI. The GenAI version of TruCap+ takes document processing to new heights for enhanced accuracy, automation, multilingual capabilities, natural language and contextual querying, and a host of other benefits.

Businesses get up and running faster with TruCap+ Template-Free approach. Loaded with AI/ML-powered pre-processing and post-processing features, along with browser-based access and an intuitive GUI, TruCap+ IDP delivers a compelling user experience (UX) to knowledge workers.

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TruCap+ Overview

Experience template-free intelligent document processing

  • Speed-up time to market significantly
  • Enjoy scalability and deployment flexibility
  • Experience high degree of accuracy

Key Differentiators

ia-generative-ai-1 EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF AI/ML AND GENERATIVE AI WITH TRUCAP+ Leverage power of AI/ML and Generative AI in document processing for high accuracy, built-in data querying, support for multiple languages and many such capabilities. Also, with TruPilot create ontologies in a breeze, resulting in go-live in days not weeks. Auto-populate ontologies from sample documents to improve productivity and faster go-live.  
ia-TEMPLATE-FREE-IDP-3 TEMPLATE-FREE IDP Template-free intelligent document processing reduces set-up time by 30% to 70% and delivers faster time-to-automation. Skip the multitudes of document templates that escalate total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve time-to-value.  
ia-TAILOR-MADE-FOR-BUSINESS-USERS TAILOR-MADE FOR BUSINESS USERS Easy-to-use, with a compelling UX enabling business users and SMEs to quickly achieve document automation even with complex documents. Public LLM for auto-learning, browser-based access and an intuitive GUI ensures faster intelligent document capture and processing.  
ia-AI-ML AI/ML-ENABLED FOR A GREATER DEGREE OF STP AND HIGH ACCURACY Pre-built AI/ML capabilities and business rules enable automated verification and validation of data, while TruCap+’s AI/ML algorithms and user inputs offer continuous learning and improvements. Cognitive capabilities deliver a higher percentage of straight-through processing (STP) with a higher accuracy.  

Achieve end-to-end automation by importing even unstructured data from documents and its conversion to highly accurate structured data using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IDP in combination. TruCap+ integrates with TruBot, as well as other leading RPA products.

ia-SCALABILITY-DEPLOYMENT-FLEXIBILITY SCALABILITY & DEPLOYMENT FLEXIBILITY Microservices-based architecture offers greater flexibility and scalability, while the horizontally scalable solution is purpose built for cloud deployment. Use as SaaS or deploy on-premises depending on your organization’s requirements.  

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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)? IDP is an intelligent data capture technology solution for extracting data from unstructured paper forms and assets and converting it into a structured form that can be used for further processing towards end-to-end automation. As almost 90% of data that is generated is in unstructured format, which requires knowledge workers to manually key in the data, IDP is the automated document processing technology of choice in almost all service industries and shared services.
What is Datamatics TruCap+ IDP?

TruCap+ IDP is Datamatics’ proprietary product for Intelligent Document Processing. It is Artificial Intelligence-powered, template-free, and multi-OCR enabled IDP solution that enables straight through processing even in a paper-driven environment. Being AI / ML powered it learns continuously with each exception handling and progressively provides intelligent output.

TruCap+ is a low code / no code intelligent document solution. It can easily integrate with upstream and downstream applications with the help of APIs as well as Robotic Process Automation products to hyperautomate a process even in a paper-driven environment. TruCap+ has little Human in the Loop (HITL) involvement for eyeballing the captured data before it gets incorporated in the core systems.

How does TruCap+ IDP help knowledge workers across the spectrum? Manual data entry is a cumbersome process and most knowledge workers spend bulk of their time entering data, leaving very little time to focus on data analysis or other critical tasks. TruCap+ IDP allows the knowledge workers to extract the required information from the digitized paper assets and convert it into a structured form that can be analyzed to derive quick insights.
Is TruCap+ IDP cloud ready? TruCap+ IDP is cloud-enabled and can be easily deployed on the cloud that extends the use and reach of the tool extensively.
How do the pre-processing and post-processing features enable TruCap+ IDP? TruCap+ has in-built pre-processing and post-processing features. The pre-processing features improve the quality of input image and hence the accuracy of the data ingestion. The post-processing features improve the quality of the final data output.
TruCap+ IDP is template free. What does it mean? Intelligent Document Processing solutions usually require a template while extracting data. TruCap+ uses AI / ML algorithms and fuzzy logic to ascertain the position of the data elements in the document with very high accuracy. This reduces the cost of operation and maintenance of the TruCap+ IDP product. It also reduces set-up time and delivers faster time to value.
How does Intelligent Document Processing help institutionalize end-to-end automation? Intelligent Document Processing or IDP brings paper-based processes into the purview of automation. IDP and RPA are important components of Intelligent Automation. Where IDP automates paper-intensive processes, RPA automates the last mile integrations with siloes, legacy systems, ERP, Cloud, etc., to overcome the swivel chair operations. The ensemble enables enterprises to institutionalize end-to-end automation and transcend higher levels of SEI CMM.
What is straight-through processing (STP)? How does Intelligent Document Processing improve STP? Straight-through Processing (STP) is the electronic capture of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data and using it for end-to-end transaction processing. 

Intelligent Document Processing facilitates end-to-end automation of enterprise processes with higher accuracy and without manual intervention. It directly impacts straight-through processing (STP).

Intelligent Automation has Intelligent Document Processing modules in its ensemble. It expedites the accounts and finance-related transactions that involve paper-intensive processing and siloed legacy systems. It automates the CFO back office along with the front and middle offices. It improves the enterprise-level STP, that in turn improves the transaction time from minutes to seconds.

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