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TruBot Designer

Low-code bot creation for business users



Create customized bots for your business-- zero programming skills needed.

With TruBot Designer, anybody can design bots. This workflow designer application simplifies and speeds up bot creation with a drag-and-drop feature and universal recorder. Choose components from our library or record your actions across different applications to form a fully functional bot.

Businesses can also work with technical developers to design complex processes or to refine the system-generated code. Developers can work with advanced options such as a standard integrated development environment (IDE) and advanced debugging tools to construct bots best suited for the business.



TruBot Overview

Design bots for your business rapidly

  • Use simple tools to create bots 
  • Customize bots to suit your business needs
  • Build bots that work across applications

Key Differentiators

ia-DASHBOARD-MIS-ALERTS VISUAL DESIGNING WITH WORKFLOW Use drag-and-drop options to easily design the process  
ia-MULTI-OCR PRE-BUILT COMPONENT LIBRARY A rich component library of over  500 pre-built components, enabling low-code design and rapid deployment  
ia-GOVERNANCE-AND-MONITORING UNIVERSAL RECORDER Seamless recording between web, desktop, SAP and other applications  
ia-VISUAL-DEBUGGING VISUAL DEBUGGING Non-technical users can do quick quality checks with visual debugging  
ia-SIMPLIFY-DOCUMENT-MANAGEMENT VERSIONING OF PROCESSES Simultaneously access multiple versions of the same process  

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TruBot enjoys high customer satisfaction across industries



TruBot - Free Trial

TruBot Designer makes bot creation simple for your business. Sign up for a free trial of TruBot to experience our easy-as-ABC bot design tool.

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TruBot Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

What is TruBot Designer? TruBot RPA Designer is a bot design tool with a visual workflow designer built over MS Visual Studio integrated development environment. It has a unique drag-and-drop library of reusable components to design a digital process that can build a functional bot.
How does TruBot RPA Designer empower the enterprise RPA program?

TruBot RPA Designer enables businesses to create customized bots quickly. The visual workflow is simple enough to allow business users without any RPA programming knowledge to simply capture the process across automation environments with intuitive recorders.

Businesses can also work with developers to automate complex processes, design bots, and customize them further in an integrated development environment. Additionally, TruBot Designer has an in-built debugger and supports integration with Source Control Systems for an iterative development through collaboration. It also supports building bigger and better process bots by collating smaller processes.

How does the Universal Recorder work in the RPA program? The Universal Recorder allows businesses to seamlessly record a process spanning multiple environments, including desktop, web applications, Citrix environment, legacy applications, mainframe applications, enterprise applications, such as SAP and Salesforce, APIs, etc. It helps to develop a robust RPA automation environment.
What is the role of TruBot Designer in Robotic Process Automation? TruBot Designer enables business users and citizen developers to build customized or personalized bots to automate tasks as per business requirements. It offers a low code/no code integrated design environment and a library of drag-and-drop objects for visual designing. 
How does TruBot Designer enable developers? TruBot Designer augments developers’ work with a library of pre-built components and drag-and-drop features that enables faster bot development and stitching job tasks together that enable automating processes with higher degrees of complexity.

Start Automating.

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