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TruCap+ Document Processing

Template-free data capture with AI/ML at its core


Everest Group's IDP PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

Datamatics is a 'Major Contender' for IDP and Unstructured Document Processing.
The report evaluates 36 vendors for 'market impact' and 'vision & Capability'


TruCap+ Document Processing


With AI/ML at its core, TruCap+  offers a flexible, scalable and accurate data capture solution.

TruCap+'s AI/ML feature enables self-learning while processing documents, by selecting output with the highest confidence and accuracy for export. This easy-to-use solution can work with multiple OCR engines, classify them for easier documentation, and auto-split consolidated documents into individual documents.

With its template-free data capture that minimizes setup time and its ability to capture handwritten text, TruCap+ is the ideal data capture solution for your business. 

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TruCap+ Overview

Enjoy flexible and accurate document processing 

  • Improve turnaround time
  • Process unstructured data easily
  • Integrate with downstream systems

Key Differentiators

ia-HIGH-ACCURACY HIGH ACCURACY Improves turnaround time with accuracy-driven straight-through processing and pre-processing and post-processing.  
ia-HIGH-SCALABILITY HIGH SCALABILITY Supports high levels of workloads through a scalable approach.  
ia-SELF-LEARNING SELF-LEARNING Enables ML models to learn from user interactions.  
ia-FLEXIBILITY FLEXIBILITY Supports processing different types of documents having unstructured data, including handwritten text.  
ia-END-TO-END-AUTOMATION END-TO-END AUTOMATION Easily integrates with downstream systems including Cloud, Virtual Machines, or Legacy, and supports seamless integration with existing automation solutions.  
ia-INTER-DOCUMENT-SANITY-CHECK INTER-DOCUMENT SANITY CHECK Auto-checks similar data points, such as social security numbers, across different types of documents to weed out errors and fraud.  
ia-MULTI-CHANNEL MULTI-CHANNEL Supports multi-channel input and output.  
ia-EASY-TO-USE EASY TO USE Simplifies application configuration and batch-processed data ingestion along with a simple and intuitive user interface.  
ia-TEMPLATE-FREE TEMPLATE-FREE Processes unstructured data in different document formats.  
ia-MULTI-OCR MULTI-OCR Converges the best OCR output for export while working with different OCRs.  
ia-HUMAN-IN-THE-LOOP HUMAN-IN-THE-LOOP Supports maker-checker validations with an in-built HITL function.  

TruCap+ Enterprise Free Trial

Our AI-enabled TruCap+ IDP solution offers a template-free approach to enterprises to process large data volumes with speed and accuracy. Book a demo today and get access to TruCap+ Enterprise free trial.


TruCap+ Document Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to simplify your life. In the following you see answers to some questions that might arise.

How does TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing provide highly accurate output? TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing is AI/ML enabled, which allows highly accurate data extraction and output as well as scalable and fast document processing. Businesses can train the AI/ML models and configure it for a particular document type. TruCap+ enables organizations to ingest unstructured data (including handwritten data) from documents for downstream data processing in several business applications. 
What does TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing Multi-OCR feature do to help businesses? TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing's Multi-OCR feature helps you choose the output from different OCR engines and export the best output. It optimizes the output and improves data processing accuracy.
What is the TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing HITL function? TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing HITL helps you build in a maker-checker approach in your business processes. This function allows you to go to the fields manually corrected by the maker/operator and validate the edits.
How does Intelligent Document Processing enable high-volume document processing? Intelligent Document Processing is AI/ML-powered template-free solution and automates paper-intensive document processing. It improves transaction time from minutes to seconds. It works with free-text, hand-written forms, PDFs, and document images. Intelligent Document Processing has inherent scalability and it is easily deployable on-premise and cloud. It processes documents in batches. The overall cumulative effect enables high-volume document processing with or without human intervention.
How does Intelligent Document Processing enable batch-processed data ingestion? Intelligent Document Processing with its template-free approach ingests multi-structured data across a wide spectrum and converts it into structured data for further processing. The template-free AI/ML solution uses document definitions that are configured one time for a document type, such as contract or invoice, such that they process queued-up document images in a 24x7 mode through batch processing with human intervention only for exception handling. The AI/ML-powered low code/no code platform continuously learns such that it can churn documents with higher accuracy without human intervention in the next batch. Intelligent Document Processing thereby enables high-volume batch-processed data ingestion.

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