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Manage your critical assets, optimize supply chain and improve operational efficiency.

Intelligent Automation in Operations

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform enables enterprises to manage key operations without human intervention. It allows for conducting rapid changes and updates. It not only allows remote monitoring of key processes but also achieves more with the same number of resources through process optimization.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform allows automation of tedious operations that were simply unimaginable in the past, including logistics tracking, inventory management, and supply chain supervision.

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Automation Use Cases in Operations

Fuel consumption tracking

Create a daily, weekly, and monthly inventory report for fuel consumption, available at the shop, and purchased. Auto-navigate to the business system and customer website to get the fuel details. Calculate figures and generate reports for the Fuel Team to take right decision. Auto-create vouchered and un-vouchered reports for every location based on the daily and weekly reconciliation in the month-end processing.

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Maintenance Automation

Automatically re-order spare parts and equipment in the maintenance division of your manufacturing unit on reaching a threshold.

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Back-office Administration

Automate back-office tasks for general transactions, administration, and sales. Create the building block for Intelligent Automation CoE to govern enterprise processes.

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Program Management

Collect data across the bills of material, map it against production volume to create lean inventories, and jump start JIT operations.

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Supplier Onboarding

Build supplier network, send RFQs, short-list suppliers, run contracts, cut POs, and on-board them.

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Bill of Material

Create a detailed list of all the parts, which are required to create a finished product, in a hierarchical manner for recurrent and on-going development.

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Logistics Tracking

Track the transportation of finished products through multiple carriers having multiple insurances to different warehouses, wholesalers, and retailers, and accurately calculate the shipping charges.

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ERP Reporting

Report inventory, AP, AR, Pricing, and other details to the concerned stakeholders at pre-scheduled times through email, trigger alerts for abnormalities and process lacunae, and upload the report to the SharePoint folder.

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Compliance Reporting

Update status for different parameters to the intra-company databases as well as third party and government websites for regulatory and statutory compliance.

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Supply Chain Supervision

Monitor and supervise the flow of finished goods from the manufacturing outfit to the warehouses, to the wholesalers, and then to the point of sale so that there is no stock-out.

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Order Processing

Extract details from incoming orders in the form of email/fax, validate them against business rules, key in the data in the ERP, and send an initiation trigger to the production unit.

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Goods Inventory

Track the products in the inventory and raise alerts to the concerned stakeholders and inform the procurement and production units when the inventory falls below a specified threshold.

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Raw Material Inventory

Monitor and manages the raw material and parts for seamless production and send alerts to the procurement department or the vendors when it diminishes below the threshold.

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Business Travel Planning

Use Intelligent Automation to bundle external and internal business-relevant services related to daily activities such as travel and weather sites related to business travel-related planning and improve application productivity and efficiency. Integrate online services into your web portal for easy, safe, and secure access through a proper handshake with the company IT rules.

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Process Data Consolidation

Consolidate the engineering process knowledge in a single store in a standardized template with proper taxonomy to ensure quick retrievability towards problem-solving.

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Assets Capitalization

Automate many tasks such as Assets creation in SAP, Posting of Assets in SAP, Approval in DMS, and Reporting. Auto-generate reports including Shift Factor Update, Depreciation, Comparison, Fixed Assets Report Preparation, and Capital WIP Report, which involve tracking data across multiple touchpoints.

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Asset Administration

Receive asset health reports through excel files, email or in a shared folder, save in a common local folder, reconcile the data depending on pre-defined business rules to generate one output file. Email or place it in a shared folder that is accessed by stakeholders.

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Asset Repair Processing

Identify the repair record in business application, add relevant details, send email to stakeholders, login to issue tracking application, and update comments and status.

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