Intelligent Automation -
A Holistic Approach To Manage Workload Fluctuations

Autonomous Workload Management With Intelligent Automation

Businesses have to endure periodic market fluctuations due to reasons that are beyond their scope and control. They have to chart the roadmap to accommodate such vagaries forehand. Often businesses already have ERP systems, modern digital systems, and legacy systems. However, bridging the connectivity
gap between these systems is through a manual mode. This last-mile connectivity is often fulfilled by human resources to synchronize data across different systems or media; that is to say, they are engaged
in swivel chair operations almost 90% of their time. API connectivity between systems offers a lasting solution. However, it is mostly expensive and many times not feasible. In view of this scenario, a solution that takes care of end-to-end automation encompassing paper-based data, unstructured documents, and heterogeneous technology stack in an agile framework is important. It needs to be robust and scalable. Hence Intelligent Automation is an important aspect while envisaging expansion in dynamic business environments.



Key Takeaways

Intelligent Automation is a direct function of People-Process-Technology integration.

Intelligent Automation takes a transformative approach along a critical path to automation.

It offers a robust framework for accommodating exponential rise in operations.

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