Human Resources

Our Philosophy:

Datamatics believes that people are the most important assets of any organization, and are instrumental in the growth of the Company. We truly believe in the mantra of ‘In your success, lies our success’, hence we create a culture that promotes innovation and excellence, leading to employee delight and enhanced productivity.

Datamatics invests in their employees, supports their goals and provides them a platform to excel and grow.

Why Datamatics?

We are passionate about the work we do, and create a dynamic work environment that enables employees to channelize their efforts more productively.

  • Diversity & Inclusion:

The Company, as a global player, values the rich diversity, skills, abilities, uniqueness and creativity of our employees. We maintain a culture that respects each person’s uniqueness and foster a work environment where employees feel valued and supported. The ideas and insights of each individual represent a strategic advantage to the business.

  • Talent Management:

Datamatics is committed to attracting and employing passionate, skilled and capable individuals who will thrive in our culture, through standardized and transparent competency based people processes. Our competency model forms the foundation for integrating all people processes around recruitment, performance management, development, career transition and retention.

Our strategic Talent Management approach helps in aligning employees’ goals to those of each business, identifying and developing their potential, and optimizing their performance, thereby leading to accelerated organizational growth and productivity.

  • Growth & Development

Continuous learning is integral to the success of every employee at Datamatics. We believe in co-creating of a culture of learning and continuous improvement along with employees, making them take responsibility of their career growth. To enhance and upgrade their competencies, blended learning opportunities are provided through various mediums like training workshops, online modules, certifications and cross-functional projects both locally and globally.

  • Strategic Action Learning Programs

The Strategic action learning programs bring the best from each department, creating cross functional teams which are mentored to achieve the goals defined by the leadership team. Such programs help the Company create next generation leaders in-house.

  • Gen Next Pro - Building a Talent Pipeline

The Gen Next Pro initiative has been established to build a talent pipeline for the organization by on-boarding and grooming young talent from campus. The Graduate Executive Program is one such fast track development program, designed in conjunction with business leaders to ensure a smooth introduction of these young graduates to the business environment.   

  • Internal Talent Mobility

Datamatics provides employees the opportunity to apply online for open positions across the organization to enhance their career growth and development, based on their aspirations. This also includes global opportunities enabling employees to work overseas for learning and exposure.

  • Recognizing Achievers:

Datamatics believes in conferring our employees who make a difference by contributing significantly to the organization through their dedication, passion and perseverance. Our operational excellence, high standards of service quality, customer delight, innovative next generation solutions and services is the result of our employees’ hardwork and efforts, which we believe should be appreciated at every step. This is done through various internal recognition platforms, including Annual Achievers Awards, SPOT Awards, Employee of the Month Awards, Long Service Awards, Peer recognition and more.

  • Beyond Work:

Datamatics constantly implements new and innovative initiatives towards creating a better workplace through our employee connect interventions. We encourage the concept of balancing work with wellness. This is done through monthly programs, open forums, outbound activities and several other employee engagement initiatives to further enhance team bonding. The company also focuses beyond business by initiating various CSR activities in the areas of education, health and environment.