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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence across your enterprise value chain

Generative AI can help you turbocharge your business by providing quantum leap in customer experience, efficiency and quality of decision making. Datamatics enables enterprises to adopt an AI-First strategy and provides a roadmap to automate business processes across the organization.  Datamatics follows the 5D methodology to Discover & Analyze, Design, Develop & Build, Deploy & Implement and Deliver Value. Datamatics AI CoE has deep expertise across various large language models such as GPT & Bard and is also staffed with AI developers, designers, architects who can help you start and scale your AI initiatives for competitive advantage.

Key AI Service Offerings


AI Adoption Services

End to End AI Adoption for an enterprise

AI Solution Development

Build and Deploy custom AI services with enterprise Integration

Model Life Cycle Management

Maximize efficiency and effectiveness with cost optimization

AI Ecosystem Enablement Services

Enable the ecosystem for AI effectiveness: Data, Security, Integration, tools and platforms


Tailored AI Solutions-01

Tailored AI Solutions

AI solutions tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each client
Leading in Digital Engineering-01

Leading in Digital Engineering

Success fully delivering AI solutions across various industries. Datamatics own AI product since years and evolving with time.
Deep Domain Knowledge-01

Deep Domain Knowledge

Our Expertise Encompasses Premier Brands in Financial Services, Retail, Logistics, Travel and Other domains.


Empowering Hyperscalers: Collaborating with Leading AI Platform Partners to Elevate AI Solutions
Continuous Innovation-01

Continuous Innovation

Dedicated R&D Team for continuous innovation, research, and development in the AI field
Our Support-01

Our Support

We offer training, maintenance, and support services to ensure you can maximize the benefits of AI solutions over time.

AI Adoption Journey - Three key phases of AI Adoption for an Enterprise

(Business Alignment)

Key Focus Areas *

  • Business Analysis
  • AI Use Case Identification
  • AI Roadmap Development

* Workshops/SME sessions

Our Key Enablers

  • AI Maturity Assessment Framework
  • Transformation Framework
  • AI Ethics Framework
  • Design Studio
  • AI Use Case Validation Framework

Key Outcomes

  • AI Roadmap
  • AI Use Cases
  • AI Governance Framework
  • AI Readiness Plan

(Build/Test Deploy)

Key Focus Areas

    Implementation Strategy

  • AI Solution Selection
  • Data Strategy
  • Integration Strategy
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Model Training Strategy
  • Security Strategy
  • Governance Strategy


    • Build
    • Test
    • Deploy

Our Key Enablers

  • AI Implementation Framework
  • AI Security Framework
  • Model Testing Framework
  • AI SDCL Productivity Tool
  • Agile Delivery Framework

Key Outcomes

  • Production Ready Solutions
  • Dashboards of Implemented Solutions
  • Key Metrics

Production Support
(AI Ops)

Key Focus Areas

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization
  • Continuous Improvement Strategy
  • Incident Management
  • Alerts and Notifications

Our Key Enablers

  • AI Ops Framework
  • Managed Services Framework
  • Cost Optimization Framework
  • AI Production Tool

Key Outcomes

  • Cost Optimization requirement
  • Continual Training Model
  • ROI Calculations
  • Shared Services


Datamatics Generative Al & Applied Al solutions help enterprises to improve customer experience, increase profitability and enhance productivity. Our solutions include the below
Enterprise Content Mining-01

Enterprise Content Mining

Leverage Gen Al for information extraction from diverse data sources

Watch Demo

Financial Data Analytics-01

Financial Data Analytics

Unlock vital insights from financial documents by leveraging Gen Al

Watch Demo

Claims Processing-01

Claims Processing

Leverage Al to streamline the insurance claims process, improve efficiency, reduce costs, predict & prevent frauds

Watch Demo

Virtual Assistants-01

Virtual Assistants

Great user experience, faster query resolution with Gen Al-powered virtual assistants

Watch Demo

Technology Expertise

LLaMA by Meta-01
Google Auto ML-01
G bard-01
OpenAI ChatGPT 4.0-01
PaLM 2-01
Microsoft Cognitive ToolKit-01


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TruAI Accelerates Customer Conversion Rate For A Leading Travel & Tourism Company

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Gen-AI Demo

Boost L1/L2 Support with Generative AI-Powered Super Agents

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Comparative Study of Generative AI Tools

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Stay Ahead With Artificial Neural Network

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