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The travel and hospitality industry is being constantly disrupted by new digital technologies and newer business models – be it community-based online platforms for renting local homes or ride-share apps in the car rental space. Enterprises are increasingly using digital technologies to get better market and business intelligence, develop a deeper understanding of customers and their behavior, and price their products and services competitively.

Datamatics helps some of the world’s leading travel and hospitality brands leverage the power of digital to redefine customer engagement and maximize return on investment. It helps businesses deliver a more personalized customer experience, improve decision-making, and increase collaboration between teams and partners.

Datamatics enables travel and hospitality institutions to adopt digital in a big way, right from online booking of travel tickets along a multi-modal route, lodgings at different stopovers, including intermittent last mile travel, covering the entire itinerary, payment, and receipt generation. These robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) powered chatbot solutions are usually located on the homepage of the state tourism development corporations, hotels, and travel providers and cover a wider interconnected travel and hospitality partner ecosystem.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Industry

Robotic Process Automation - TruBot

Increase productivity, accuracy and speed with TruBot, an enterprise grade, multi-skilled bot

Improve the scope of automation by integrating with a plethora of technologies such as intelligent data capture, artificial intelligence / machine learning, analytics, streaming media, etc.

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Explore RPA use cases for
Travel & Hospitality

Finance & Accounting solutions for Travel and Hospitality Industry

Finance & Accounting

Streamline and automate your organization’s CFO back-office operations with finance & accounting solutions

Generate a healthy cash flow, have a better financial control through insights and forecasts, as well as adopt a highly systematic approach to maintain accurate documents for financial auditing

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Technology solutions for Digital Transformation in Travel & Hospitality Industry


Transform your digital landscape to become more agile and scalable with the use of state of the art technology solutions in enterprise portals, enterprise content management, cloud, etc.

Improve accessibility, productivity, and customer satisfaction through anytime anywhere access in a safe and secure environment

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Digital Experience solutions for Travel & Hospitality Industry

Digital Experience

Enable customers to adopt ‘mobile first’ approach for enhanced customer experience

Offer differentiated and human centric digital experience as well as life time value with connected digital experiences to customers

Scale the digital maturity curve faster and improve speed to market with pre-built digital frameworks

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization solutions for Travel & Hospitality Industry

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization - TruBI

Improve real-time decision making capability through intelligent data processing and analytics by using high volumes of data stored in cloud, data lakes and other data management systems

Use intelligent pattern mining and analysis to track customer preferences and accordingly cross sell and upsell services

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