Travel & Hospitality


The travel and hospitality industry is being constantly disrupted by new digital technologies and newer business models – be it OTAs and price comparison engines in the airline and hotel industry or ride-share apps in the car rental space.

Enterprises are increasingly using digital technologies to get better market and business intelligence, develop a deeper understanding of customers and their behavior, and price their products and services competitively.

Datamatics helps some of the world’s leading travel and hospitality brands leverage the power of digital to re-define customer engagement and maximize ROI.

Our powerful suite of solutions for the travel industry is driven by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data, BI & Analytics, and Cloud. Our solutions help businesses deliver a more personalized customer experience, improve decision-making, and increase collaboration between teams and partners.      

Business Offerings 

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting – Get actionable insights about business performance, revenue streams, etc.
  • 360o Guest Profiling – Provide a personalized experience to your guests by sourcing intelligence from social media, CRM, and other IMS systems
  • Portal Solutions – Benefit from digital collaborative platforms that can be integrated with existing enterprise systems
  • Rate Management and Distribution – Stay ahead of the competition through competitive rate analysis and real-time rate distribution


Guest Engagement offerings

  • Chatbots – Provide personalized assistance at every stage of hotel reservation
  • i-Concierge – Allow customers to perform front-desk activities digitally, be it designing itineraries or ordering food from various restaurants through an app
  • Gamification Solutions – Gamify your loyalty programs and create greater engagement around reward points


Associated Services