Datamatics Dives Deep In Salesforce Capabilities, Acquires Dextara Digital.

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Datamatics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practice with its rich experience in implementing CRM strategies, enables businesses to understand their customers better. It helps businesses to meet and exceed their customer requirements to build stronger customer relationships that can be nurtured to drive high Customer Lifetime Value. Datamatics Customer Relationship Management practice leverages data and technology to help streamline customer interactions and gather valuable insights for small to large businesses and enterprises. It helps them stay ahead of the curve and create exceptional customer experiences that drive growth.

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Datamatics Advantages


Expertise and Experience

Datamatics brings proven track record of successful implementation of MS Dynamics and Salesforce Cloud.


Customization and Flexibility

Our customers love us for our ability to customize CRM solutions to adapt to their unique business requirements and the flexibility in adapting to changes in their business environment and evolving customer needs.


Project Management

A CRM implementation project can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Datamatics manages projects effectively, communicates clearly, and delivers on time and on budget.


Integration Capabilities

Enterprises want to ensure that their CRM implementation partner can integrate the CRM software and tools with other systems they use, such as ERP, marketing automation, and customer service platforms.


Training and Support

Successful CRM implementation requires user adoption and ongoing support. Datamatics provides comprehensive training and support to ensure that employees are able to use the CRM effectively.


Industry Expertise

Enterprises often look for CRM implementation partners who have expertise in their specific industry. This can help to ensure that the CRM implementation is tailored to their unique business needs and regulatory requirements.

Datamatics CRM Partnerships

Datamatics is the CRM implementation partner-of-choice for businesses that can help enterprises achieve their business goals by providing expert guidance, customization, project management, integration capabilities, training, and ongoing support.



  • Empower the dynamic business landscape with Cloud Native Multi-Cloud strategy
  • Streamline CRM for Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce
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Dynamics 365

  • Build an agile, integrated, and interoperable approach into the CRM solution
  • Deploy CRM features in isolation or as a complete suite to improve business agility
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