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Market Research is going through a tremendous technology-driven transformation. This change brings forth a problem of plenty for both Brands and Research Agencies. Defining the problem, identifying the right answer, implementing the right technology solutions for gathering and disseminating customer data, and ultimately deriving actionable insights. All these challenges have been amplified considering the plethora of choices when it comes to finding the right solutions.

This is where Datamatics can be a strategic partner for your company, to help de-clutter and get better and faster insights across the entire value chain. From Process Consulting and Customer Journey Mapping to Data Capture, Automations, Analytics, Reporting/Dashboards to agile & actionable insights, the Research & Analytics (R&A) solutions bring to the fore a smart blend of deep domain knowledge in Market Research and Analytics in conjunction with the core Technology DNA of Datamatics. The Research & Analytics leverages the latest technologies, including Enterprise Data Management, Mobility, Digital experiences, AI/ML interventions, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).



Market research Consulting & Advisory Services

Consulting & Advisory Services

Data Driven Digital Transformation to keep business models and processes relevant to agile and sharper consumer insights

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Market Research Services using Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization – TruBI

Business Intelligence with interactive visualization of unified data with DIY tools for deeper data trends, patterns and segments

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Market Research Using Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences – TruAI

Intelligent extraction from high volumes of multi-structure data to derive actionable insights and patterns

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Customer Support Services for Market Research Agencies

Customer Management

Digital Solutions for Superior Customer Experience and Omni-channel support across customer journey

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Digital Experience - Market Research Solutions

Digital Experience

A mobile first approach for enhanced insights in a hyper converged world, where people and things are always connected

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Digital transformation (MR) Market Research Services

Technology Solutions

Digital transformation of the Market Research landscape using enterprise grade solutions for application development, knowledge management and panel management

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Market Research Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation – TruBot

Integrated operations for faster insights using multiple multi-structured data stored across disparate data sources

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Operations Support And Excellence - Market Research Services

Operations Support and Excellence

Build Agile and Improved Processes through automations, technology interventions and connected data platforms

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