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Technology has made it easier for market research companies to gather and process data. But they are under increasing pressure from their customers to deliver more insightful findings at faster turnaround times.

Datamatics combines human intelligence with the power of automation to help market research companies improve the speed and quality of their reports. We help researchers quickly capture, process, analyse and report findings from large volumes of online or offline survey forms.

We work with the top five market Research companies in the world and our team of experts has a track record of excellence in the industry.

We are affiliated to:

The Market Research Society of India (MRSI)

The European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR)

The Marketing Research Association (MRA)- USA


Our Services

Data Processing & Analytics

Datamatics has extensive expertise in providing data processing services to execute the most complex data cleaning, tabulation projects, and analysis requirements.Having undertaken a number of projects demanding complex data processing tasks, the data processing team can handle a wide spectrum of research requirements, from simple mining projects to large-scale, multi-country, multi-wave and multi-format data analysis initiatives.

Datamatics has expertise in providing tabulations using industry-leading tools like SPSS, SAWTOOTH, Quanvert and Dimensions.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Pricing Research
  • Tracking Studies
  • Product Usage Tests
  • Fast turn-around Omnibus Studies
  • Market Opportunity Assessments, Competitive Analysis and Entry Strategies


  • Extensive experience on complex data processing
  • Scalability and accessibility
  • Automation using VBA
  • Rapid ramp-up and scalability
  • Quick turn-around and accessibility
  • Dedicated resources and technology services for multi-country age old tracker
  • Access to in-depth knowledge of market research and analytics tools

Digitization & Capture

Market research organizations are increasingly leveraging document scanning and data capture services to ensure data-accuracy alignment especially for pen-paper study.

Datamatics specializes in the smart auto capture for structured and un-structured documents, digitization and processing of data from diverse input sources, such as fax, scanned images, hardcopy documents. Datamatics' state-of-art image processing software solution (i-Mark™), based on decades of market research and technology experience, helps customers enhance the accuracy of data capture while reducing turn-around-time.Datamatics has processed over 15 million questionnaires and nearly 2000 different questionnaire types in the last financial year for leading market research agencies across the world.


  • Efficient data management
  • Faster turn-around-time for large sample studies
  • Six robust proprietary OMR engines assuring unmatched quality
  • Pattern Recognition: right hand person to left hand, cross versus tick
  • Improved accuracy and reduced cycle time
  • Dynamic questionnaire filling
  • Color coding of yes, no, suspects and cancellation

Online Survey Enablement

Datamatics Online Survey Programming team constitutes of experienced programmers who have extensive experience in scripting various online studies with mixed requirements and complications.

Advanced services include a wide range of complex survey design and programming options that involve basic/ multi-question skip logic, advanced quota implementation through databases, embedding video/audio clips and images, choice based conjoint analysis, max-diff analysis, customized look & feel and advanced graphical features.

Datamatics has expertise in most of the advanced features and capabilities of industry-standard survey programming platforms and other web technologies like Confirmit™, Dimension, mrInterview™, NetMR / GMI, Quancept™, Nebu™ and Rich Internet technologies like Flash and Flex.


  • Feature-rich, interactive online surveys along with quick and reliable insights
  • Multi-Language surveys using most leading survey programming tools
  • Reduced expenditure through cost effective solutions for survey programming and hosting
  • Dedicated resources and technology skill sets for exceptional quality of service
  • Scalability and accessibility

Open Ended Coding

Open ended coding team transforms the verbatim into meaningful information and insight which influences the companies to take valuable and profit oriented decisions. This unique verbatim management is an intricate process but with necessary tools and technique facilitates ease of interpretation, efficient process management in less time.

This unique technology platform has successfully demonstrated its performance and scalability in large market research project exercises. The platform ensures intelligent categorization, improves efficiencies and reduces transaction costs by reducing project management and planning efforts. Datamatics also utilizes a team of open-ended research specialists with multi-country expertise across media, healthcare, automobiles, financial services and other service industries.


  • 24/7 coverage to help the client with their queries in real time
  • Daily Project Status report to keep the client informed on the project status
  • Process Integration i.e. keying and coding with technological innovations

Presentation & Report Writing

Datamatics Global Services provides a range of consulting and support services for the automation of survey reports and presentations for research firms. A combination of research industry knowledge and technology expertise helps Datamatics automate report writing and charting, helping research professionals improve productivity, drive IT efficiency and save time.

Based on deep expertise in data interpretation and analysis, Datamatics goes a step further to enable relevant and impact articulation and depiction of research findings. Datamatics has a team of expert report writers with extensive research and analytical skills ensuring quality output being delivered on-time, every time.


  • Faster turn-around-time for the research analysts in client organization as they get a ready report to review &improve upon rather than writing everything afresh
  • Intelligent tools draw out analytics better, improving the overall quality of the analysis
  • Significantly lower cost from technology &offshore leverage

Project Management

Datamatics follows a 'one-stop-shop' solution model to effectively and efficiently manage its customers’ end–to–end market research projects. Datamatics Project Management solutions ensure value across the spectrum of market research activities, including questionnaire design, survey programming & hosting, translation and partnering with global translation providers, advisory on efficiency and response rate improvement, coding, data processing and presentation/report writing and infrastructure management.

With a team of highly skilled and globally certified project managers, Datamatics ensures project delivery on-time and within budget. Datamatics Market Research Project Management solutions are also designed to enhance organizational efficiency by implementing standardization and consolidation across facilities.


  • Integrated project management solutions through a 'One-Stop-Shop' delivery model
  • Web based monthly dashboard tracking for efficient reporting &analysis
  • Transparency of research processes
  • World class quality through PMP certified project managers
  • Standardization across facilities leading to greater efficiencies

SPSS Training

Datamatics has an exclusive relationship with IBM to provide SPSS training on statistical analysis suite in India. Training capabilities extend across topics, ranging from statistical analysis and survey research to data mining and predictive analytics. The key modules covered in training include:

  • Statistics
  • Data collection
  • SPSS Modeler
  • Deployment

The training programs are designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire, maintain, and optimize their skill sets specific to their usage requirements. Datamatics SPSS trainers are certified by IBM after a rigorous training and stringent certification test, ensuring quality training along with apt training materials.


  • The ONLY Company in India authorized by IBM to conduct such training courses
  • Training by IBM certified trainers on IBM certified courseware
  • Cost effective in-person interactive sessions available across all major cities
  • Minimize processing errors by ensuring training of resources by competent trainers
  • Training is designed to help users leverage data mining, predictive analytics & modeling capabilities of the product/s effectively for better ROI

Simulation Programming

Datamatics can build programs which allow users to observe operations through simulation without actually performing that operation. The programming is created by experienced statisticians with proven industry experience

Datamatics has proficiency in designing various research tools for research applications, which include:

  • BPTO Simulator
  • Claims Optimization Simulator
  • Max-Diff Share Simulator
  • Discreet choice simulator
  • Segments allocation tool
  • TURF Simulator


  • Expertise in all prominent tools
  • Access to the latest and best of the breed technologies

Transcription & Translation

Datamatics provides world-class market research transcription services allowing customers to accurately transcript video and audio recording, meaningfully analyze data and build better market intelligence.

Datamatics' team of transcription experts specialize in CATI telephone interviews, in-depth interviews, focus groups, video translation &transcription and customer analysis sessions.

Translation Services of Datamatics offers significant value-addition in meeting your research requirements. With expertise in various domains (legal, medical, technical, financial, and others) Datamatics ensures superlative quality while transcribing industry specific qualitative surveys.


  • Rapid transcription of high volumes, enabling quick turn-around of research processes
  • Greater visibility through hourly productivity tracking report
  • Capability to transcript all possible Audio / Video formats
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multi-accent (American, British, Australian Western European, Far East Asian, Indian Regional)conditioning for greater transcript accuracy

Charting & Data Visualization

The unique blend of research and technology has helped Datamatics' clients in executing and managing charting requirements of large multi-country trackers. Through our customized automation tool for power-point charts and slides along with usage of Microsoft APIs for automating and interactive selection of source data and target charts, Datamatics ensures optimal techniques. As a result of ongoing endeavor for pursuing actionable insights, Datamatics has developed the expertise in creating customized dashboards for monitoring, and analyzing data.

Datamatics' real-time dashboards empower you to track the pace of your projects/ department/ organization on a single portal.


  • 100% accuracy with minimum human intervention
  • Reducing turn-around-time by at least 50 %
  • One time configuration &repetitive charts can be generated at a click of a button,
  • Flexible solution which can be customized as per changing requirements
  • We get much more attention from Datamatics Team as a third party service provider. Our other vendors are not as supportive and focused.

    Gate Gourmet
    Gate Gourmet
  • We are very pleased with the quality of service the Datamatics team continually provides. Datamatics has consistently made extra efforts to assist us with the sometimes difficult requirements and helping us to complete our projects on time.

  • We have built a partnership with the SharePoint technical team of Datamatics over last three years. Having a dedicated SharePoint team from Datamatics, that truly understands our environment, our project plans. Datamatics delivery capabilities have enabled the Jet Intranet portal to be accessible 24X7.

    Jet Airways
    Amol Baadkar, Manager Communications - Jet Airways (India) Ltd.
  • We value Datamatics’ creative thinking, responsiveness and deep understanding of technology. This has helped our Application development initiatives with data visualization for customer insights.Datamatics collaborates with us in several areas including ideation and provides recommendations on application development, ways to streamline our business, creation of new tools for our research applications, as well as on programming and data production services in support of our day-to-day business. Datamatics has been a reliable, go-to partner delivering with quality for several years. We look forward to growing our relationship in the future.

    Carol Fitzgerald, President & Co-Founder - BuzzBack
  • Datamatics has provided us the best Business Analytics product – nSights. It has empowered us to stay on top of our business intelligence requirements. The seamless implementation and upgradations done by the teams from time-to-time, while least affecting our business-as-usual have held us in awe of the support and development teams.

    We have been working with the Datamatics team for many years and want to sincerely appreciate the team for their quick response to the issue resolution and efficient services.

    Looking forward to continuing to work with the Datamatics team in the years ahead.


Mobile Application development for managing panels for leading Market Research Company

Datamatics helped the leading Market research Company in developing a native mobile solution that will enable them to not only manage and interact with their interviewers but also carry out the entire survey using through a smart phone by leveraging GPS and camera functionality for real time surveys.

Analytics staff augmentation through Full Time Equivalent (FTE) engagement model for a leading Bank

A leading bank engaged with Datamatics through a transparent and streamlined process of staff augmentation of analytics professionals through FTE engagement model leading to a reduction in overall cost and better process management.

Survey Data Capture and Processing Solutions Bring Greater Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness to a Global Market Research Firm

A global market research firm uses Datamatics Research and Analytics services and technology capabilities to accurately and cost effectively extract data from 7.5 million documents, across 467 geographically dispersed regions, in 22 different languages, while meeting stringent delivery timelines.

Eliminating Human Error Through Charting Automation for a Global Market Research Company

Datamatics helps global market research company build a customized solution to automate the manual charting activity, with prompts auto confirmation to eliminate the chance of human error, leading to 100% accuracy of data and reduced turnaround time by 50%.

Mobile Application development for managing panels for leading Market Research Company
Analytics staff augmentation through Full Time Equivalent (FTE) engagement model for a leading Bank
Survey Data Capture and Processing Solutions Bring Greater Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness to a Global Market Research Firm
Eliminating Human Error Through Charting Automation for a Global Market Research Company