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Digital Technology Solutions To Transform The Technology Landscape

Digital Technology Solutions

In this ever changing fast growing business world, keeping up with competition is the need of the hour for every company. Enterprises around the world are embracing the modern technologies to digitally transform their business to create new opportunities and efficiencies towards generating higher revenues. With a view to create secure, trustful, and viable ecosystems spanning wider geographies, businesses are looking out for enterprise grade technology solutions that can be leveraged across their global estate.

Datamatics' Technology solutions and Enterprise Modernization practice helps you to transform your digital landscape through digitalization and automation with enterprise grade technology solutions. This practice has engagements across multiple industries including - Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Market Research, Retail, Manufacturing & Logistics, International Organizations, and Credit Rating Agencies. Right from application transformation, data transformation, technology transformation, to digital transformation, these solutions allow you to take the next big leap to gain a competitive advantage by using its 360 degree portfolio.

With certified and experienced Managed Services team, hundreds of successfully executed projects, as well as 15,000+ person years of transformation experience, Datamatics' Technology solutions and Enterprise Modernization practice not only enables businesses to reduce administrative and operational costs, but also increases process efficiency, mitigate risk, and take faster and more informed decisions. The enterprise technology solutions are primarily targeted at transforming the way of conducting business in an insights driven economy to stay ahead and stay relevant amidst changing global dynamics.



Cloud Solutions Technology

Cloud Solutions

  • Conduct detailed assessment for cloud-assessment for leveraging the cloud paradigm
  • Harness on-demand system resources, storage, and computing power across geographically dispersed locations, modernize your IT estate, and achieve economies of scale
  • Transform your digital landscape to a cloud environment to become more agile and scalable
  • Use different cloud business models to suit your enterprise budget

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Enterprise Content Management Technology

Enterprise Content Management

  • Undertake analysis of As-Is database management systems for ECM migration
  • Capture, store, and search multi-structured data towards efficient document management and archival in a collaborative environment
  • Analyze and categorize unstructured data to derive meaningful insights
  • Ensure seamless two-way secure access of enterprise content anytime anywhere towards a progressive and paperless e-office

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Digital Testing Solutions

Digital Testing

  • Create Proof of Concepts or PoCs prior to enterprise-wide implementation of Digital Testing
  • Incorporate some of the most advanced and efficient automation testing solutions and techniques in your testing suite
  • Test multi-structured data characterized by high volume, velocity, and variety
  • Test Big Data applications in real-time in a secure and scalable environment with automated software testing

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Enterprise Portal Technology Solutions

Enterprise Portals

  • Use Java-based web and portal frameworks in addition to technologies, such as Swings, Struts, AJAX, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, JMS, Swift Protocol, Weblogic, Jboss, ANT, Maven, Junit, Cruise Control, etc.
  • Leverage various collaboration platforms and technologies to provide portal development and content management solutions that meet your enterprise’s specific needs
  • Customize COTS web portal development solutions right from B2B and B2C portals to emergency preparedness portal and knowledge management services

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Application Management Solutions

Application Management

  • Facilitate your journey from transition to digital transformation and get maximum business value out of their technology investments
  • Incorporate increasing levels of customizations in your applications to meet continuously evolving service delivery requirements
  • Use AI-enabled incident management techniques and AI-based virtual assistance, and mobility solutions in Follow-the-Sun model
  • Engage application managed services to suit business requirements in 24x7 or 16x5 support

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Digital Experiences Solutions

Digital Experience

  • Use latest technology enablement for an exclusive digital experience and digital assurance
  • Incorporate cutting edge web and mobile product engineering, application development and maintenance services in you connected digital experience
  • Engage latest user behaviour, user experience, and user design techniques to create wow customer experience
  • Engage digital frameworks to improve speed to market

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