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The challenges the healthcare industry faces aren’t new – ageing global populations, soaring costs of drugs and treatment, growing regulatory pressures, and the demand for better services at lower costs from governments and patients.

Care management or payer logistics, revenue cycle management or claims processing, eligibility verification or billing and payments, no matter how complex your healthcare processes, Datamatics efficiently and seamlessly manages these operations allowing you to focus on your core - delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Datamatics enables institutional customers to deploy and manage digital healthcare solutions as well as maintain end-to-end case management records enabling them in their journey towards digital transformation.

Datamatics healthcare solutions cover the entire healthcare cycle. These healthcare solutions range from appointment scheduling, self check-in, remote consultation, data ingestion, medic aid, testing requests, patient enrolment, tab-based centralized patient statistics management, case management, expense management, account settlement, billing, patient discharge, claims management, record auditing, to workflow management. The overall focus of the company is on enabling institutional customers to reduce costs through automation and pass on the savings to patients.



Healthcare Process Management (BPM) for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Process Management

Improve speed of services and treatment by increasing efficiency of back-end and front-end processes

Integrate the entire cycle of healthcare management through different touch points to offer centralized healthcare data and solutions management

Reduce healthcare costs and use the accrued savings for patient welfare

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Robotic Process Management (RPA) solutions for Healthcare Industry

Robotic Process Automation - TruBot

Reduce costs by increasing productivity and eliminating human error and bottlenecks with TruBot, an enterprise grade, multi-skilled bot

Improve the scope of automation by integrating with a plethora of technologies such as intelligent data capture, artificial intelligence / machine learning, analytics, streaming media, etc.

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Technology solutions for Healthcare Industry


Transform your digital landscape to become more agile and scalable with the use of state of the art technology solutions in enterprise portals, enterprise content management, cloud, etc.

Improve accessibility, productivity, and customer satisfaction through anytime anywhere access in a safe and secure environment

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Care Management solutions for Healthcare Industry

Care Management Solution - CareEase

Empower care providers by making patient information available at the fingertips at the right time while delivering care

Ensure emergency preparedness by maintaining centralized records for quick access and efficient care management

Ensure spare time for healthcare workers by freeing them from administrative work and enable them to focus on patient care

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization solutions for Healthcare Industry

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization - TruBI

Develop a better understanding of patient needs and deliver personalized care by mining intelligence from large amounts of data

Improve real-time decision making capability through intelligent data processing and analytics by using high volumes of data stored in cloud, data lakes and other data management systems

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Customer Support solutions for Healthcare Industry

Customer Management

Improve customer experience and service with data driven solutions and services with well-trained native language speakers

Offer omni-channel customer service for a seamless anytime anywhere user experience

Increase customer base by offering rebates through referrals

Improve net promoter score through integrated data management and mailers for timely follow-ups

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PBoR - Provider Book Of Record solutions for Healthcare Industry

PBoR - Provider Book Of Record

An integrated robust and scalable cloud-based framework which automates, streamlines, and digitizes the complete provider onboarding, credentialing, and contract management process

Real-time connect with multiple systems

Offers role-based accessibility as well as easy search and retrieval of the integrated systems

Improve compliance and audit as well as productivity and efficiency of resources

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