Virtual Reality VR Based Mobility Solution For Alzheimer's Patients - Case Study
Case Study

Virtual Reality Based Mobility Solution For Alzheimer's Patients


A consumer electronics company


Consumer electronics

Virtual Reality VR App Solution For Alzheimer's Patients - Case Study


The client wanted to develop a mentally stimulating game for aged, Alzheimer’s patients having limited technology or gaming experience.

Solution | Virtual Reality (VR) App Development

Datamatics consulted physicians and specialists to understand the disease and the rehabilitation process to design and develop Virtual Reality (VR) based solution provide an engaging task to users with progressive dementia, as occupational therapy, for motivating them in attempting more on a daily basis.

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100% Improvement in Social Interaction


Engagement and improvement in patient motivation, social interaction, and learning process

Positive Interest - Mobility Solutions Case Study

Positive Interest

In the wider circles of patients’ kin triggering lead generation cycles.

Positive Difference To Patients Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease - Mobility Solution Case Study

Positive Difference

To millions of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

Real Time Feedback - Mobility Solution Case Study


Feedback response to assess patient progress

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