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Financial reporting is the single version of truth on business performance. Accurate and real-time financial information and management reports provide companies a competitive advantage and support business heads to take better decisions. Today, CFOs are under increasing pressure from internal stakeholders, investors and regulators to report numbers faster and more accurately, while providing deeper insight into business performance.

Get accurate and insightful reports in real-time that help to leverage strategic and operational insights and mitigate risks better. Datamatics helps companies transform their record to report (R2R) process cycle by using a mix of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent data and workflow solutions, and advanced business analytics. The R2R process automation solution, reduces transaction times considerably, especially when processing routine transactions, such as posting journal entries and documenting month-end activities. Datamatics record to report solution optimize enterprise processes, such as General Ledger Accounting & Reconciliation, Inter-company Accounting, Fixed Assets Accounting, Audit, and Tax Accounting. The executive dashboards provide users with a comprehensive view of cost structures and processes across the organization.



$12 Billion

Worth invoices processed per year through successful implementation and delivery of enterprise wide BPM automation and digitalization efforts at scale

10 Million

Invoices processed per year with 99.9% accuracy by using point solutions as well as end-to-end automation models spanning larger geographies

1200 +

Finance & Accounting Experts both in house as well as on consultant basis to deliver precision solutions in a timely manner


Cost reduction for F&A customers thus ensuring a secondary source of revenue generation in parallel with that from the business as usual activity


Record To Report (R2R) Service - General Ledger Accounting

General Ledger Accounting & Reconciliation

Automate GL accounting and streamline operations to build up audit readiness

Generate monthly and quarterly reports for review of senior management

Monitor competitive performance as well as financial liquidity and agility

Maintain up to date records for financial compliance and reporting to statutory agencies

Record To Report (R2R) Service - Inter-company Accounting

Inter-company Accounting

Improve group level, intra company and inter-company accounting

Enhance visibility, accountability, and traceability across all transactions in the ecosystem

Maintain high levels of readiness for third party and statutory audits through automation best practices and audit trails

Record To Report (R2R) Service - Fixed Assests Accounting

Fixed Assets Accounting

Ensure corporate governance and end to end reporting of each and every fixed asset

Create value through process automation and optimization as well as enhanced and accurate reporting mechanism

Track capital expenditure, value of fixed assets, and their depreciation year-on-year

Streamline operations for accounting, valuation reporting, balance sheet tracking, financial planning, and annual reporting

Record To Report (R2R) - Audit Support

Audit Support

Quickly assimilate data from payables, receivables, and ledgers for building audit readiness

Generate auditable trails through end to end automation of the record to report process cycles

Impart high levels of accountability and responsibility throughout the enterprise

Maintain clear profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and score cards

Record To Report (R2R) Service - Tax Accounting

Tax Accounting

Adopt a systematic approach to optimize different aspects of operations, tax accounting, and improve bottom line

Use data obtained from record to report processes to build strategic blueprints to improve tax accounting and reduce tax liability in step with regulatory standards and requirements

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