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Finance & Accounting - Procure to Pay P2P Solutions

The key objective of every CFO is to drive profitability, and it is therefore imperative for them to increase efficiency of procurement processes, build healthy supply chains, optimize supplier costs, and minimize errors.

Datamatics’ procure to pay - P2P solutions suite comes with end-to-end cost optimization techniques for handling shared services, procurement, and accounts payable processes.

Datamatics deploys a suite of proprietary frameworks and digital platforms to automate p2p processes. From intelligent OCR to capturing and processing invoices, rules-based contract validation and management, to analytics-driven supplier performance management, Datamatics’ robotic process automation technologies help the CFO transform the supplier value chain.

Datamatics procure to pay solutions to enable the CFO office to accelerate the payment process and have a tight control on the organizational spend. Faster P2P process cycles enable CFOs to avail early payment discounts as well as reduce the inventory carrying costs by adopting the just in time (JIT) paradigm. It also enables the business to leverage end-to-end automation over a digital platform across the supplier ecosystem.



$12 Billion

Worth invoices processed per year through successful implementation and delivery of enterprise wide BPM automation and digitalization efforts at scale

10 Million

Invoices processed per year with 99.9% accuracy by using point solutions as well as end-to-end automation models spanning larger geographies

1200 +

Finance & Accounting Experts both in house as well as on consultant basis to deliver precision solutions in a timely manner


Cost reduction for F&A customers thus ensuring a secondary source of revenue generation in parallel with that from the business as usual activity


Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor Relationship Management

Facilitate centralized onboarding of vendors and suppliers

Enable centralized procurement and supplier management

Improve vendor and supplier engagement through early payment

Build healthy supply chains for facilitation of just in time (JIT) procurement and manufacture

Avail early payment discounts with automated procure to pay cycles

Procure To Pay (P2P) Services: Contract Management

Contract Management

Facilitate automation of contract administration and management across the vendor and supplier value chains

Negotiate and set realistic milestones and standard operating procedures towards a win-win situation

Efficiently manage and administer contracts for unlimited number of vendors and suppliers with ease

Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Streamline creation, administration, and management of requisitions and purchase orders using pre-populated templates once the supplies reach the lower threshold

Automatically route requisitions and purchase orders to approver hierarchies depending on the spend amount

Auto-email or text the requisition with links to the suppliers for supplies fulfillment

Digitally store the requisitions and orders and link them to invoices from suppliers for routing digital payments

Procure To Pay (P2P) Services: Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Use pre-built templates or create impromptu invoices and route them to authorized signatories for their digital approvals

Digitally store purchase orders received from customers and link them to the invoices and contracts for maintaining traceability

Auto-route the invoices to the customers through email and text and track the receivables in an automated environment

Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Travel & Expense Management

Travel & Expense Management

Streamline travel expenses of business executives over a digital platform by engaging latest technologies

Digitally capture details from payment receipts and toll receipts for submitting travel expense claims

Auto-route claims to the approvers hierarchy for their approval and payment release

Procure To Pay (P2P) Services: Invoice & Receipt Reconciliation

Invoice & Receipt Reconciliation

Streamline reconciliations across the accounts payable and accounts receivable cycles and capture the data in the Finance & Accounting systems such as SAP

Automate two-way and three-way matching of digital versions and digitized copies of purchase orders, invoices, and receipts across the vendor, supplier, and customer ecosystem

Maintain healthy cash flows over the digital platform

Procure To Pay (P2P) Solutions: Reporting and Control

Reporting and Control

Ensure strong financial control through real-time reporting

Minimize processing costs, improve operations, and reduce transactional time

Maintain high levels of visibility, traceability, and accountability in the payment and receivable cycles

Procure To Pay (P2P) Services: Procurement Help Desk Support

Procurement Help desk Support

Facilitate centralized existing supplier management, new supplier search, and procurement across different branches and units

Reduce latency in supplies procurement through trusted suppliers on the digital panel

Ensure efficiencies of scale and cost savings through centralized procurement

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