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Datamatics offers enterprise-grade remote proctoring services for online proctored exams to government bodies, OEMs, banks, and educational institutions (post-graduation, under-graduation, high schools, and secondary schools) for conducting online invigilation and eliminating violations. We provide human resources to support the proctoring process, including exam invigilation support & technical support. Our multi-lingual online proctoring services cater across time zones and are highly scalable.

We leverage partner platforms & deploy skilled proctors who deliver exceptional candidate experience with our Operational excellence framework covering quality, training, workforce management &performance management to deliver greater value & accuracy. Our scalable proctoring services backed by Super Proctors are cost-effective, quality conscious & focused on adherence to regulatory/compliance requirements. Our end goal is to deliver a superior candidate experience the way you want it with Super Proctor.

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Datamatics Remote Proctoring Services 


Live Online Proctoring Services

Human proctors invigilate and monitor the candidate’s streaming webcam output, microphone, and computer screen during the entire course of the examination


Recorded Proctoring Services

Human proctor sifts and analyses through the recorded webcam and microphone output and computer screen feeds for any suspicious activity


Scheduled Remote Proctoring

Engages one of the three models of proctoring over weekly, monthly, and annual models over pre-booked calendars for institutions leveraging digital education technology


Event-based Online Proctoring Services

Engages one of the three models of proctoring for mass-scale and high stake competitive examinations and evaluations of global private/public schools, universities, and banks leveraging digital education technology


Highly Experienced & Trained CSRs & TSRs

Candidate Support Representatives (CSRs) and Technical Support Representatives (TSRs) providing excellent experience to candidates through their assessment journey with you

High on problem-solving, technical know-how and empathy

Support related to exam slot/date/time booking, re-booking, test center details, navigation through the specific guidelines & policies and technical issues/queries 

Datamatics Advantage

1 Million+ candidates monitored over the last 4 years

200+ Exams Invigilated

500,000+ Hours of Video Monitoring

Large pool of 2000+ Certified Proctors who are empanelled on retainership basis to manage short-term peaks at a notice of 96 hours

Capability to scale up & set up highly skilled proctors in real-time supported by a flexible and scalable infrastructure

Current team of 1000+ CSRs/TSRs providing 24x7 support across all Geographies and Time zones

Multi-lingual support for European and Asian languages

Regular stress testing of systems to handle heavy traffic during major event-examinations

Quality & Security review of existing systems to provide insights & adherence to regulatory requirements

Proctoring Analytics on candidate response patterns, latency stats and similarity indices


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