What is Remote Proctoring? How has it evolved?

Remote Proctoring

Digital Proctoring or Remote Proctoring is the online invigilation of mid-stake and high-stake exams conducted for unbiased assessments of professional courses. Invigilation or proctoring has extreme importance for high stake and mid stake exams whether in offline or online modalities. Remote Proctoring is mostly assisted by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms to offer varying degrees of solution precision and sophistication

Assessments are critical to business. However, as AI and technology evolve they create scenarios for bad actors as
well as good opportunities. AI-enabled Remote Proctoring creates environment for safer candidate evaluation as
compared to offline testing centers. Remote Proctoring has also evolved with time and has brought forth a new breed
of human proctors referred to as Super Proctors for fostering a vigilant online invigilation ecosystem. 



Key Takeaways

AI-enabled Remote Proctoring or Digital Proctoring offers varying degrees of solution sophistication for institutional adoption.

The ensemble eliminates risk from online exams making it more safe compared to offline exams and is continuously evolving.

Remote Proctoring deters fraud and bad actors from the online educational environment and delivers a superlative candidate experience.

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