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The Research & Analytics (R&A) solutions at Datamatics is a smart blend of domain knowledge in Market Research and Analytics in conjunction with the core Technology forte of Datamatics. The key focus remains around deriving insights from structured and unstructured data using AI/ML, Data Management, Knowledge portals, Analytical Methodologies, Consulting and Story Telling to meet the end objectives of Brands & Agencies. This is further fueled by agile & intuitive layers of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization for faster decision making. We also provide support for Speech to Text Analytics, Mystery Audits, Data Collection, Preparation and Integration.

Team Datamatics has continued to add value to the Research & Analytics processes by virtue of its rich expertise in the space of Process Consulting, Data Science/Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, Research Tech and Mobility along with modern areas such as data & pattern mining using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These key differentiators have allowed us to equip our clients across the globe with efficient processes & sharper insights. Our focus on “Transform to Perform” has enabled us to deliver projects in Big Data integration and Data Discovery exercises leveraging our core competence in unifying high volume, multi-source data including unstructured data. This has also led to multiple success stories around an integrated Omni-channel view of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and related consumer analytics

To continue its leadership position in Market Research Technology space, Datamatics, in collaboration with the global MR association ESOMAR and Market Research Society of India (MRSI) has institutionalized industry awards like the Dr. Lalit Kanodia Laureate Award for Technology Excellence in Market Research. These awards encourage and acknowledge efforts towards technology-led innovations in Market Research industry that tangibly enhance the quality of consumer insights by celebrating and rewarding innovators on a global platforms.


Datamatics Advantage

For Brands

Integrate | Measure | Augment | Monitor

Brands have to continuously monitor the market and their target customer group to dig deeper into the consumer mindspace and improve their market share. With digital disruption and a highly omnichannel consumer base, the demands from the Customer Experience (CX) and Consumer Insights functions within enterprises are changing drastically. In this new data-heavy landscape, these teams are expected to unify and democratize data. From data integration to data synthesis, from data visualization to high-impact storytelling and CX insights across every imaginable type of data, enterprises are expected to harness data to – (1) Generate impactful insights; (2) Produce real-time or near real-time business intelligence, and (3) Democratize the data insights by quick dissemination within relevant functional teams for agile decision-making.

Datamatics understands the relevance of Data to Intelligence (D2I) across the Customer Journey for building and maintaining a Single Source of Truth about your customers. Datamatics stays focused on your business problem and designs the most optimal solution to closely understand, measure, and enhance your customer’s experience, whether it is through its expertise in Data Preparation & Integration, Analytics, Visualization, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning solutions or Process & Digital Consulting.

Datamatics leverages its Domain, Data and Digital expertise to augment the data insights from different repositories and siloed sources to bring together highly actionable Connected Data ecosystems. Its core skillsets in Customer Management, Data Science and Customer Analytics, powered by its proprietary tools, such as TruAI and TruBI, and experienced research consultants Datamatics helps you at each step in your CX measurement & enhancement journey.

Financial Planning & Analysis - F & A Solutions

Data Monetization

  • Augment data and voice of the customer from disparate and siloed sources to build the Connected Data framework
  • Integrate diverse operational, attitudinal, and transactional data sources to create a 360-degree customer view
  • Use data analysis and insights generation to unify, amplify, and monetize data
  • Access multiple variables from different data sets for further analysis at the click of a button 

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Deep Analytics - Research & analytics services for brands

CX Measurement & Implementation

  • Engage support in global operations in the entire Data to Intelligence (D2I) lifecycle by leveraging the latest technology for business insights
  • Build a customized customer experience measurement application that uses internal data analysis, customer feedback collection, and integrates outcomes
  • Implement your customer experience measurement system for systematically measuring customer sentiment through different touch points

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Mystery Shopping & Audit - Research & analytics solutions for brands

Customer Experience (CX) Compliance

  • Identify CX blind spots and place the power of data directly into the hands of every business user in the organization
  • Engage frameworks for data-driven decision-making, plug CX gaps in real-time, and improve responsiveness toward customer requirements
  • Monitor different customer touchpoints by using different methodologies, including surveys, on-camera interviews, and mystery audit/mystery shopping, to improve processes
  • Institutionalize compliance management solutions and systems to monitor the on-ground scenarios at remote stores and contact centers at pre-defined frequencies

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Datamatics enables you to "Transform to Perform"

Datamatics uses its expertise in Research, Analytics, and Technology to enable Market Research agencies to execute projects of varying complexities. It offers end-to-end support across standalone as well as massive integrated projects.

Datamatics works with a range of flexible engagement models, including project-led deliveries to high-value joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Datamatics has global partnerships and alliances with leading technology players and has worked with 7 of the world’s ten largest market research organizations.

Research Support ServicesResearch Management

End-to-End project management services for Market Research

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Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

Advanced Analytics
as a Service

Generate actionable insights powered by Connected Data

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RAPID Solutions

RAPID Solutions

Engage the RAPID (Research & Analytics Projects Intelligently Delivered) framework for a truly rapid turnaround of projects in an agile environment

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Data Preparation - Research & analytics services for agencies

Data Preparation & Integration

Use the data preparation and integration support service for market service projects

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Enabling Services

Research Technology

Scale up Market Research operations with the help of technology and MIDAS offerings

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Strategic Value CreationStrategic Value Services

Engage strategic value-added services that act as an extension arm for Market Research agencies

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