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Datamatics Research & Analytics solutions blends Market Research and Analytics with technology at the core. We help derive insights from data using AI/ML, Data Management, Knowledge portals, Analytical Methodologies & Consulting to meet the end objectives of Brands & Agencies. Our expertise include Process Consulting, Advanced Analytics, Visualization, Research Tech and Mobility, data & pattern mining using AI & ML, Speech to Text Analytics, Mystery Audits, Data Collection, Preparation, Integration, Business Intelligence and Visualization to equip clients with efficient processes & sharper insights. We also help “Transform to Perform” with Big Data and Data Discovery by unifying multi-source data.

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Datamatics Advantage

For Brands

Integrate | Measure | Augment | Monitor

Datamatics provides cutting-edge data and digital solutions across the Consumer Insights lifecycle to create superior Customer Experiences. Datamatics as the Digital Partner for Data-Driven Brands, helps them amplify consumer insights by unifying multi-source data. Its tech-enabled solutions help leading Brands improve their competitive advantage through digital transformation.


CX Consulting

Discover, Design, and Measure CX from a holistic perspective to elevate the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage

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Advanced Analytics

Generate actionable insights powered by Connected Data to optimize enterprise data resources

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Research Technology

Develop, Manage and Transform workflow and process to unlock the power of data and democratize insights across key stakeholders

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For Agencies

Datamatics enables you to "Transform to Perform"

Datamatics uses its expertise in Research, Analytics, and Technology to enable Market Research agencies to execute projects of varying complexities. It offers end-to-end support across standalone as well as massive integrated projects.

Datamatics works with a range of flexible engagement models, including project-led deliveries to high-value joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Datamatics has global partnerships and alliances with leading technology players and has worked with 7 of the world’s ten largest market research organizations.


Research Management

End-to-End project management services for Market Research

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Advanced Analytics as a Service

Generate actionable insights powered by Connected Data

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Survey BonsAI

GenAI Powered survey generation solution to enable survey creation to be faster, better & different

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Data Preparation & Integration

Use the data preparation and integration support service for market service projects

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Research Technology

Scale up Market Research operations with the help of technology and MIDAS offerings

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Strategic Value Services

Engage strategic value-added services that act as an extension arm for Market Research agencies

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Guide to Mystery Shopping & Audit

Guide to Mystery Shopping & Audit

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