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The accuracy and relevance of the Analytical insights depend on the quality of the curated and aggregated data. Market Research agencies continue to receive high volumes of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured for concurrent projects related to different products and brands. Hence it becomes increasingly important to transcribe, curate, and integrate this data within a contextual and agile framework to derive meaningful insights. This Connected Data primarily forms the basis of the research and analytics programs.

Datamatics Data Preparation solution enables Market Research agencies to prepare and curate data on a digitally enabled platform to generate high-quality data substratum and data standardization. This process of data preparation and curation begins right from the inception of the data gathering and questionnaire administering stage. It continues through data augmentation and data pipe restoration, and assimilation stages. The value-added and curated data substratum is hosted on Cloud data repositories for generating high-value data insights.

Datamatics Data Integration solution integrates the prepared and curated data from multiple sources into a contextually aligned data framework. This contextual alignment is important for generating a 360-degree Connected Data view. Datamatics uses the latest Market Research technologies, including Datamatics proprietary solutions and commercial off-the-shelf solutions, for integrating the prepared data. This Connected Data platform over a Cloud-hosted data lake enables Market Research agencies to have a holistic view of the evolving trends and market dynamics.


Optical Data Ingestion - Data Preparation

Optical Data Ingestion

  • Ingestion through multiple data sources, such as scanned documents, fax, social media, emails, etc., by using Datamatics TruCap+ and Datamatics TruBot
  • Many related activities, such as data extraction, classification, verification, and validation
Multi-lingual Transcription and Content Analysis

Speech to Text & Multi-lingual Transcription

  • Transcription from audio & video recordings supported by Speech-to-Text and Text Analytics engine
  • Services provided for Global and Indian regional languages

Data Preparation - Verbatim Coding servicesVerbatim Coding

  • Open-ended coding service on text, audio, and video inputs, using a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) based automation and experienced human coders

Data Preparation - Verbatim Coding servicesSurvey Programming

  • Create Multimode Surveys (CAPI, CATI, CAWI, Mobile Surveys, Offline Surveys) for multiple languages globally across multiple countries and are equipped to work with multiple platforms, Dimensions, Confirmit, Askia, Qualtrics, CMIX, etc.

Optical Data Ingestion - Data PreparationData Processing

  • Data verification and cleansing, Cross tabulation using Artificial Intelligence based methodologies & advanced analytics tools like, BPTO Simulators, Max-Diff Share Simulator, Discreet Choice Modelling and Brand Value Creator Analysis (BVC)

Descriptive - Advanced Data Analytics Services & Consulting

Data Validation

  • Real-time data quality checks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for data validation and error reporting

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