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Panel Discussion

Using Connected Data to Optimize Pricing Strategy for Boosting Sales Growth


Surely you would agree that when developing our pricing strategies, the importance of clean, granular, hyper-connected, and real-time data is an absolute imperative. The right pricing is often that sweet spot that allows you to strike the best balance between topline, market share, and profitability. With emerging new sources of data, for organizations, it’s all about leveraging this entire spectrum of CONNECTED DATA to build super agile and sensitive Pricing models that simulate optimum sales scenarios.
Watch the Live Panel discussion as we bring together yet another exciting panel of Analytics experts and seasoned business leaders to discuss the immense benefits of Connected Data in Optimizing your Pricing Strategy for incremental Sales. It’ll also be useful to have a quick look into our previous sessions of the ongoing “Connected Data” webinar series -

Key Discussion Points

How can we ensure that we have right set of information and data points before making pricing decisions?

What are the possibilities to test our decisions and continue factoring in the Opportunity Cost and Lost?

What is the range of Price Elasticity for our products as compared to our competition across various platforms and channels?