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Leading risk and sovereign credit rating agencies rely on high-quality, accurate financial analysis reports created by referring to large amounts of data spread across a variety of sources.

Datamatics’ team of experts uses a combination of advanced algorithms, proprietary data analytics tools, and superior reporting technologies to quickly and accurately process information from a number of sources, including annual reports, media reports, and stock market filings.

Datamatics’ reporting solutions help global risk analysts in rating companies and financial instruments. The solutions are also useful to banking and financial institutions in quick analysis of large amounts of data.

Datamatics delivers comprehensive financial performance analysis of annual reports for around 45,000 corporations under various Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The solutions equip enterprises with timely, reliable financial insights and reports for effective decision-making. Datamatics' Financial Planning & Analysis solutions ensure transparency, completeness, consistency, and compliance in financial reporting of organizations.



Segment Reporting

Segment Reporting

Make accurate assessments of revenues, depreciation, expenses, profit and loss, income tax, etc., across different segments

Report discreet information about financial results and the position of the different segments and operating units of the company over a digital platform

Assess performance and allocate resources to optimize net value of the different segments

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

Analyse the financial feasibility of the different projects in the company over a digital platform

Digitally build different scenarios and models by factoring in opportunity cost in all financial decision making processes

Incorporate all tangible and non-tangible costs and assets in the financial modelling while considering different potentials and risks

MIS & BI Reporting

MIS & BI Reporting

Generate and schedule customized reports to monitor different trends arising in the business ecosystem

Measure the process lacunae and gaps between the actual results and planned goals

Engage with interactive reports and dashboards to drill down into the performance of different segments

Perform root cause analysis using business reports

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Build strategies, plans, and enterprise blueprints for the next 3 to 5 years and budget for resources by using the digital platform

Chart out month on month budgets to cover revenue, cash flow, expense, and debt reductions and monitor how close you are meeting the budget

Make accurate forecasts over historical data vis-à-vis current market conditions

Financial Statements Preparation & Analysis

Financial Statements Preparation & Analysis

Prepare statements for income, retained earnings, cash flow, etc.

Expedite creation of financial statement analysis and balance sheets over the digital platform

Ensure transparency, visibility, and accountability of all financial angles related to the company operations

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Quickly report company assets, liabilities, and owners capital

Engage and collaborate on the digital platform to keep the data current and avoid last minute struggles

Engage all stakeholders towards fulfilling reporting deadlines

Eliminate bottle necks from the reporting process and use your time and energy in generating actionable insights with data

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