Accounts Payables and Receivables Automation Case Study
Case Study

Gate Gourmet Centralizes its Accounts Payables & Accounts Receivables Process with Automation


Gate Gourmet is the leading global provider of airline catering solutions and provisioning services for airlines, both in-flight at over 200 airports as well as at airport lounges.


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Gate Gourmet is located across multiple airports all over the world and has suppliers and vendors in multiple cities. With its operations scattered across 45 different offices around the world, each office received invoices and receipts from its suppliers in different formats which included emails, physical invoices, excel files, PDFs, etc.

There was a lack of data visibility as the processes were decentralized and Gate Gourmet wanted to improve near real-time visibility of data across different regions and business units in order to eliminate penalties, lost discounts & inefficient application of cash.

Gate Gourmet was looking to automate the current manual process of its accounts payables and receivables operations to increase overall efficiency and reduce associated expenditure.


Datamatics has been associated with Gate Gourmet since 2008 and has helped Gate Gourmet to streamline its entire process of accounts payables and accounts receivables by reengineering its existing processes with the help of automation.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution TruCap+ enabled Gate Gourmet to convert the unstructured invoices and receipts into structured and automatically capture the relevant data from the incoming files in the system.

Datamatics implemented its intelligent workflow solution Finato to automate the approval matrix routing for PO & non-PO invoices, thus de-bottlenecking the approval process. Earlier the entire approval process was carried out via emails, resulting in delays. Finato reduced the approval cycle time.

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Low Processing Cost

lowered processing costs, improved quality & processing time through automation

30%  Increase in overall efficiency


Increase in overall efficiency

Improved Cash Management

Improved cash management, with avoidance of penalties, maximization of early-payment discounts & better application of cash

Streamlined global operations

Streamlined global operations improved quality of decision-making

Customer Testimonial

"The AP team at Gate Thanks Datamatics for recognizing the work done to automate the AP process. The progress is a result of robust planning, process review, and execution. We thank Datamatics for being a partner in this journey with committed individuals and tools/technology platform."
Som Venkatanarayan

Som Venkatanarayan
Controller, Gate Gourmet North America

Gate Gourmet

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