Managed Services

Unlock Application and Cloud Performance at Scale

Datamatics Managed Services practice enables businesses unlock value from their on-premise and cloud applications by leveraging AI and GenAI-powered accelerators. It takes a transformational approach while moving away from a transactional one and manages a greater chunk of judgment-intensive processes related to applications. The practice delivers value additions with end-to-end accountability of the applications. It leverages GenAI-driven automation and lean methodologies as part of the value-added services. It focuses on resource optimization and continuous improvement through Managed Services and institutionalizes itself as an extension of the business for its application management.

Datamatics Differentiators

Established AI and GenAI Tools and Solutions-01

Established AI and GenAI Tools and Solutions

Faster query resolution for enhanced service efficiency

Unlock Application and Cloud Performance at Scale

Robust Support Frameworks-01

Robust Support Frameworks

Quick transitions, product stabilization, and continuous improvement

Scalable platforms and solutions for delivering superior customer experience

40+ Global ODCs Handled-01

40+ Global ODCs Handled

Serviced 100s of global customers

Gain a competitive edge by accessing the latest technologies and global talent pools

Certified Global Delivery Standards-01

Certified Global Delivery Standards

ITIL, CMMi, PCMMi, ISO, PMP, TOGAF, Archimate, etc.

Strategic Technology Alliances & Partnerships-01

Strategic Technology Alliances & Partnerships

Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, IBM, OpenText, ServiceNow, etc.

Gain access to privileged services and strategic alliances 

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Industry Domain Expertise-01

Industry Domain Expertise

BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, etc.

Access in-depth knowledge and skill sets to establish techno-functional roles as part of the managed services

Datamatics Managed Services Offerings

Incident Management-01

Incident Management

Promptly respond to disruptions and restore services

Problem Management-01

Problem Management

Leverage ITSM frameworks for root-cause analysis, management, and resolution of incidents

Change Management-01

Change Management

Adopt a systematic approach to affect, control, and manage enterprise change

Release Management-01

Release Management

Control the software release from planning and designing to testing and deployment

Service Level Management-01

Service Level Management

Ensure all SLAs and underpinning contracts are delivered as per targets

Operations Maturity-01

Operations Maturity

Optimize operations and innovate basis different technologies to achieve performance excellence



Leverage Generative AI powered L1 and L2 services for faster resolutions

Application Support-01

Application Support

Engage L3 level technical support to resolve complicated issues as per SLAs

Infrastructure Services-01

Infrastructure Services

Fine-tune communication services, platforms, storage, applications, etc., for optimized performance

Extended Services-01

Extended Services

Database, Application Server, DevOps, Upgrade, and Migration Services

Datamatics Managed Service Focus Areas

Application Managed Services Model Offerings-01

Application Managed Services Model Offerings

Improve application performance, security, and cost efficiency with bronze, silver, and gold service packages

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Cloud Managed Services Model Offerings-01

Cloud Managed Services Model Offerings

Enhance Cloud application performance with the best Cloud governance principles and relevant service packages

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Generative AI-powered Automation Solutions for Managed Services

GenAI-powered L1 L2 Support-01

GenAI-powered L1/L2 Support

Ensure faster query resolution and improve customer satisfaction

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GenAI-powered Accelerators-01

GenAI-powered Accelerators

Institutionalize business accelerators, such as, GenAI-powered emails, Chatbot, WhatsApp, and a convenient browser extension

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GenAI-powered Log Analysis-01

GenAI-powered Log Analysis

Revolutionize data utilization and data analysis

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Gen AI powered accelerator-01

GenAI-powered accelerator

Simplify ITSM processes and create bandwidth for IT Support team by using GenAI-powered accelerator

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ITSM Tool-01

ITSM tool

Use simple language querying through the WhatsApp interface that integrates with ITSM tool by using GenAI-powered accelerator

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Managed Services Benefits

Application Uptime of 99.99%-01

Application Uptime of 99.99%

100% successful in meeting client SLAs and application uptime of 99.99%

Reduce Service Cost by 30-40%-01

Reduce Service Cost by 30-40%

Improve services, platform related activities, and costs with GenAI initiatives

Cost Optimization by 40-45%-01

Cost Optimization by 40-45%

40-45% cost optimization by migration of infrastructure and applications from on-premise to Cloud

Achieving RoI in 1st year of operations-01

Achieving RoI in 1st year of operations

Manage, support, and optimize infra for faster return-on-investment through faster time-to-value

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