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Businesses aspiring to migrate to Cloud often lack the knowledge about Cloud Governance and Best Practices. Lack of knowledge related to Cloud regulatory compliances, data localization, data privacy, workload orchestration, and data resilience also creates hurdles in Cloud Migration. Similarly, Cloud Service Provider lock-in impedes innovation with scalable Cloud arrangements.

Datamatics Managed Cloud Services (MCS) and its team of Certified Cloud Professionals specialized in Cloud Data Governance enable businesses to embark on their Cloud Migration goals. The team supports you in your Cloud-readiness Assessment, Migration, Configuration, Optimization, and Maintenance endeavors. It offers cost-efficient and scalable business (MCS) solutions.

Datamatics Cloud Managed Services provides you services that best fit your workloads, optimize performance, and reduce operational costs. It enables you to seamlessly integrate your infra and manage complex configurations through Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) bound dedicated services. It helps you with cost-efficient and scalable backups and disaster recovery mechanisms.

Datamatics Managed Cloud Service offerings

Bronze – Tier 1

Manages, monitors, maintains, and updates your Cloud environment to ensure it continues to work efficiently, without jeopardizing Business Continuity

  • Works best for small and mid-sized (SMB) companies
  • Focuses mainly on Infrastructure uptime support
  • Offers 8 x 5 complete monitoring of your Cloud environment
  • SLA: Initial Response 12 hrs. Resolution Time - 3 hours
  • Focuses on documenting all server configurations
  • Provides integration and user support on all supported servers
  • Provides analysis of events and logs to determine RCA with corrective actions
  • Generates Weekly Status Reports

Silver – Tier 2

Offers services to customers engaged in Medium to Large Scale business. Offers access to Datamatics Cloud-certified engineers and resources related to architecture and best practice guidance and all the services of Bronze package

  • Works best for Medium to Large Scale business
  • Offers 12 x 5 complete monitoring and Support
  • SLA: Initial Response 6 hrs. Resolution Time - 1 hour
  • Assigns designated SMEs to your organization
  • Institutionalizes Annual Cloud Architecture Reviews to ensure that you follow Cloud Best Practices
  • Drives growth and reduces Total Cost of Ownership
  • Institutionalizes industry-based best practices to support Cloud Operations

Gold – Tier 3

Offers services to customers who require comprehensive 24 x 7 support for Cloud management, altering and incident reporting. It includes all the services of Bronze and Silver packages

  • Works best for Enterprise
  • Focuses mainly on Complete Managed Services with performance efficiency
  • 24x7 complete monitoring and Support
  • SLA: Initial Response 2 hours. Resolution Time - 30 minutes
  • Offers best practice configuration of Cloud services
  • Ensures maximum automation using Cloud-Native services
  • Recommends third party solutions/ tools for better monitoring
  • Institutionalizes Quarterly Review Meetings with Steering Committee
  • Offers possible Value Added Services (VAS)

Value Added Services

Database Support

  • Offers industry-recognized database experts
  • Offers comprehensive support for Cloud-Native platform services and Managed Platform as a Service
  • Provides comprehensive support for Infrastructure as a Service SQL Server
    • Best-Practice guidance
    • Migration guidance for PaaS offerings (SQL Azure, RDS, SQL Server on containers, etc.)
    • Database instance setup and configuration
    • Installation of support scripts and utilities
    • SQL Server Availability Group setup
    • Health monitoring using DMVs
    • Database backup and maintenance using our scripts (third party backup solutions not supported)
    • Point-in-time recovery of databases (single-object restore not currently supported)
    • Monitoring and alerting for Backup Failures
    • Monitoring and alerting of failed SQL Server jobs
    • Monitoring and alerting for critical system-level alert
    • Production issues, including excessive locking, blocking, and service outages

DevOps Support

  • Manages complex Cloud ecosystems at scale
  • Offers CI-CD and Release Management for Cloud-Native applications using the DevOps framework
    • Seamless Digital Transformation
    • Agile Project Management
    • Automation of DevOps Processes and Best Practices
    • High Availability with Serverless Computing
    • Increased Scalability with Infrastructure as a code
    • 100% Security and Compliance as per Industry Standards
    • Enhanced Collaboration with Streamlined Workflows
    • Faster Operations and Time-To-Market
    • Reduce Deployment Time from weeks to hours

Data Governance

  • Provides enterprise-grade Data Governance and Business Data Analytics with complex data sets, including
    • High volumes of multi-source data having data inconsistencies
    • Low quality data
  • Standardizes policies for data access
  • Deploys Self-service Analytics toward Role-based Access for Data Democratization
  • Institutionalizes regulatory compliances, including GDPR
  • Builds a common data vocabulary for cross-departmental data analysis
  • Institutionalizes organization-level metadata
  • Sets up a data lifecycle
  • Institutionalizes security contexts along with the moving data
  • Tracks metadata
  • Tracks multiple instances of the same data
  • • Assigns SMEs at data set levels
  • Builds policies for data integration and data transformation
  • Assigns SMEs at data set levels
  • Manages data models

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