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Ashapura gets its overall ROI improved by 40% after migrating to AWS cloud

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Ashapura is a leading multi-mineral solutions provider with a global footprint, having a wide network of operations in several states within India and in 7 other countries.




Ashapura had in-house experts to manage SAP functionally and technically which was used by thousands of users across India. However, there was a lack of infrastructure as the data was on premise and had to be moved to cloud.

Ashapura was dissatisfied with the support services and could not utilize the infrastructure efficiently. This resulted in delay for them to start their projects.

Solution | Cloud Solutions

Ashapura selected Datamatics as System Integrator and IaaS cloud provider for hosting data of all group of companies on cloud. SAP’s entire suite of applications modules with HANA database was implemented in short period of time by Datamatics.

Datamatics ensured timely demotion from existing colocation providers to support cost overflows due to end of contract with existing colocation providers. Ashapura was evidently able to meet the required objectives for flexibility, agility, and reliability on the AWS cloud platform.

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Cloud Migration Solution Increase overall performance &  improves ROI


Increase in overall performance and improved ROI over the period of six years

TCO Reduction after moving to AWS cloud Migration

TCO Reduction

By reserving instance after 3 months of deployment for 3 Years

Cost Reduction after moving to AWS cloud

Cost Reduction

By replacing MPLS to internet based links for all locations using AWS Site.

Significant Savings by running the ECC system on AWS

Significant Savings

In annual licensing, support and maintenance costs by running the ECC system on AWS,

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