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Case Study

Free Law Project, A US based Non-Profit Company Migrates to AWS Cloud and Enhanced its Scalability


Free Law is a Non-Profit company founded in 2010 with a goal to make the legal ecosystem fairer and accessible to everyone. With a massive archive of court recordings, proceedings and freely available documents, Free Law uses this data to serve its users with these valuable resources.


Non - profit organization


The client faced increased demand during peak times of special cases or people, it was burdening for the clients on site systems to take care of this traffic with their existing technology.

While hosting over 2.5 million minutes of oral argument recordings, more than 16,000 judges and 6.6 million legal opinions, and many other primary legal documents caused difficulties in managing and organizing this growing volume of data.


Datamatics identified gaps in Free Law Project's technical architecture and prioritized deliverability goals to ensure that its services of AWS migration were reliable and effective. This included a cloud-first design approach that enabled Free Law Project to scale its services as needed.

With Datamatics, the client has been able to shift their focus on more important concerns, which include gathering more resources and making them accessible to everyone.



Improved scalability


Enhanced efficiency


Better email deliverability insights


Increased security

Customer Testimonial

"One of the nice things about working with Datamatics is that they bring a full team and a big organization to the table. They have that deep expertise in all the different digital areas. Ultimately, it was a great decision to go with Datamatics."


Mike Lissner
Executive Director, Free Law Project

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