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Datamatics Strategic Value Services focuses on the co-creation of research IPs, marketing science models, visualization reports, and actionable consumer insights to enable the Market Research agencies to focus on their core business of tapping the voice of the customer/end users. It leverages outcome-driven engagements based on flexible models and helps Market Research agencies increase top-line and revenue sources.

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Datamatics Offerings

Co-creation of Research IPs-01

Co-creation of Research IPs

  • Build CX-centric solutions
  • Use non-traditional Research Methodologies
  • Adopt Tech-driven agile solutions
Marketing Science Models-01

Marketing Science Models

  • Build Advanced Analytics-driven solutions
  • Develop Connected Data frameworks and repositories
  • Create paths for purchase journey mapping
  • Generate scenarios and simulation frameworks
Actionable Consumer Insights-01

Actionable Consumer Insights

  • Conduct product testing exercises
  • Perform communication testing
  • Perform usage and attitude studies
  • Identify white spaces and gaps in product launches
Reporting and Visualization-01

Reporting and Visualization

  • Automate charts & dashboards
  • Generate insights and consultative final reports
  • Build near real-time reporting mechanisms


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