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Building a high-performance enterprise is the objective of most corporate leadership. Achieving this objective involves strategic planning, recruiting & maintaining highly motivated employees, while establishing an environment conducive to high performance.

Each month in the US, 3 to 4.5 million employees quit their jobs. This trend in employee turnover has been on the rise, particularly post the pandemic, which presents numerous challenges for organizations. While companies hire the best of people, they fail to create lasting employee experiences.

The key HR challenges continue to range from highly unpredictable attrition levels, the corresponding increased cost for recruitment and training, and of course, the low morale among employees. It can cost an employer an average of 33% of an employee’s yearly salary for their exit! 

It is not only about keeping your employees happy but about retaining your talent and ensuring you keep the best people with you as long as possible.

Meeting this organizational goal of enriching human Capital can be enabled with a ‘Data-Driven’ approach.



Dr. Rima Ghose Chowdhury, 
Chief Human Resources Officer, CSR Leader,



Piyush Mathur,
Strategic Advisor,
Fair Now

Bikramjit-Chaudhuri-2 Speaker:
Dr. Bikramjit Chaudhuri, Global Head - Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences, Datamatics

Key Discussion Points

People Analytics is ultimately driven by business outcomes that motivate more investments, more adoption and more analytics deployment.

Power of Analytics is pervasive, be it sports, be it corporate

People Analytics is still an evolution that is happening