Identify and quantify people drivers of business outcomes in a systematic manner

Datamatics HR Analytics Solution collaborates with businesses to move their teams up by leveraging HR data with an analytical framework. Starting with the assessment of the As-Is landscape followed by HR Analytics Consulting, Datamatics delivers on the full spectrum of HR Analytics solutions and frameworks, including but not limited to job analysis, recruiting, selection tool validation, talent acquisition, performance management surveys, etc. Datamatics HR Analytics solutions enable you to deliver on improved recruiting cycles and high-quality talent acquisitions. The company helps you harvest & leverage information that will assist you in formulating strategic decisions. Datamatics HR Analytics solutions, with a focus on analytics, helps businesses turn information into insights, insights into actions, and actions into outcomes, thereby improving the effectiveness of the business' strategic, operational, and tactical decision-making.  

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Datamatics HR Analytics Offerings


Optimization Models

Build employee shift optimization models using HR Analytics

Generate talent analytics

Build improved recruiting models

Institutionalize quality talent acquisition models


Performance Models

Generate talent analytics and metrics using Advanced Analytics and Data Science models

Generate employee performance analytics by tracking annual performance and performance management surveys


Forecasting Models

Create manpower forecasting models with HR Analytics

Build staffing level optimization models

Generate employee churn models


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Advanced Analytics Helps in Fraud Detection for a Leading Healthcare Giant

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People Analytics Solution

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Data Analytics, Cybersecurity & AI - The foundation of Business Today

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Steer through Black Swan events with Advanced Analytics and Quantified Assessments

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Enhancing Customer Experience with Connected Data

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