Guide to Mystery Shopping & Audit

Guide to Mystery Shopping & Audit

Mystery Shopping & Audit

Mystery Shopping & Audits are frequently undertaken by brands and retail outfits to anonymously gauge their consumer sentiment about the brand, in general, and their particular products, in specific.

During the process, the Mystery Shopper / Auditor strikes an intelligent conversation with the other consumers in the premise to gather their true sentiments that would help the brand improve their products and consumer perception about their products.

Technology assists this Mystery Shopping exercise to a great extent and allows to seamlessly augment the gathered inputs and convert the subjective responses in to objective and actionable insights. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning allows to leverage the Connected Data into self-evolving and self-learning mechanisms.

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Key Takeaways

Mystery Shopping plays a very important role in shaping Customer Experience and improving consumer's brand perception

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms allow to convert subjective responses into actionable insights

Technology allows to leverage Connected Data and understand the processes, customers, and their respective journey in great detail

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