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Redefine the process of survey creation with Datamatics Survey BonsAI that is powered by GenAI. As agencies grapple with the challenge of prolonged survey creation times, Survey BonsAI emerges as the game-changer. Just as the ancient art of Bonsai, Survey BonsAI is a compact tool that uses precision and skill to propel survey creation by harnessing the power of GenAI.

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Faster Surveys-01

Faster Surveys

Experience up to 75% reduction in survey creation time as compared to manual scripting methods

Better Quality-01

Better Quality

Direct skills on complex and critical segments elements the survey than on survey creation



Adapt to specific questionnaire formats, supporting multiple languages and survey programming tools



Automation facilitates the recruitment and training of junior resources, enhancing scalability.

Cost optimization-01

Cost optimization

BonsAI's model of utilizing a mix of junior and senior resources coupled with automation, contributes to cost optimization within the project, ensuring efficient utilization of resources while minimizing expenses


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